The Mohawk Community Wants To Seize McGill's Land

'McGill is corrupt, they’re criminals, and they have to leave.'
The Mohawk Community Wants To Seize McGill's Land

When I read this story, I thought I was reading something from The Onion.

On Saturday, the title holder of the Bear Clan sent a letter to Mcgill. The letter was a notice of seizure because the Mohawk Community claims that Mcgill is squatting on their land and that they never had permission to build a university there in the first place.

The letter also stated that the Mohawk Community has a responsibility to maintain the land for future generations and that since Mcgill University are "corrupt, (...) criminals", they want them to vacate the land,  to stop developing technology that can be used for surveillance, death and destruction as well as all other military research and development.

They also want McGill to pay back the $1.7 billion loan given in the 1800's by the trustees of the Six Nations' Trust Fund. 


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