The Montre-ALL Sandwich You Gotta Eat Once In Your Life

Poutine, smoked meat, bagels together in your mouth.
The Montre-ALL Sandwich You Gotta Eat Once In Your Life

Creating the world's most ultimate sandwich is an honorable and noble quest worthy of the finest knights and lords.

So it's only fitting that this quest has been undertaken by Montreal's Lords of Lard. The Knights of Noshing. The Sirs of ... Sirloin?

K, I'm out of nicknames, but you know them better as the Epic Meal Time Crew and they've created a sandwich using the delicacies of Montreal's most famous food landmarks:

  • Poutine and hot-dogs from Orange Julep
  • Smoked meat from Schwartz's
  • and of course, Saint-Viateur Bagels

Since this sandwich encompasses all that is Montreal, the only acceptable name is of course:

The Montre-All Sandwich!

Now sit back, relax and take a look at how this tower of tastiness was put together.

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