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The Montreal $500 Envelope City Wide Scavenger Hunt Ends Tomorrow

When knowing a lot about the city pays off.
The Montreal $500 Envelope City Wide Scavenger Hunt Ends Tomorrow

Photo cred - Dan Warkentin

Monday marks the beginning of a city-wide scavenger hunt you can't pass up, because simply by knowing things about Montreal, you stand to win $500 cash. Montreal-based magazine are the folks behind the money-hunt, celebrating 500k likes on FB with a contest that gives back to fans.

The scavenger hunt will take place over one week (Monday, July 14th to Friday, July 19th) with the first clue/details of the scavenger hunt given via TheRichest FB page. From Tuesday on, TheRichest girls will be hidden somewhere specific in Montreal every day to give out more clues.

Each clue will allude to an aspect/area of Montreal and it'll be your duty to decipher the hints and find the next. If you can do so throughout the week, you'll be lead straight to a golden envelope stuffed with $500 cash on Saturday.

Good luck to everyone, and know you'll be competing with us, 'cuz $500 on a Friday makes for the greatest way to start the weekend.

Head to TheRichest FB page on Monday to get the hunt started.

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