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The Montreal All-Bacon Brunch You Can Eat Every Single Weekend Of The Year

There is no better way to start your day.

Photo cred - Brutus

Bacon has, and always shall be, an integral aspect of brunch. Hardly a meal where you "keep it light," brunch needs to be greasy and filling, to help your hangover and also function as the sole meal eaten on the weekend. Brutus, Montreal's renowned bacon bar, understands this rule-of-brunch and has taken bacon & brunch to the next level with their newly launched all-bacon brunch menu.

Available to gorge on every Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 3pm, Brutus' bacon-brunch features 9 different bacon-tastic dishes, all classic morning eats infused with the magic of bacon. Bacon pancakes, a fried chicken & waffle sandwich, and even a bacon-meatball breakfast poutine are our most-wanted meals, but the whole menu looks good enough to give you a heart attack, both literally and figuratively.

Take a look at Brutus' new bacon brunch dishes (missing the flapjacks) in the photos below, with the menu and descriptions right at the bottom. Get more delicious updates and info at Brutus' Facebook page here.

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