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The Montreal "Attic Loft" You Would Sell Your Soul To Live In

It really, really does not get any better than this.
The Montreal "Attic Loft" You Would Sell Your Soul To Live In

When you think about a typical attic you tend to picture a dark, damp, unfinished room with a slanted ceiling and a couple of rats. Not exactly the place you'd want to live unless you're a poor university graduate moving back into his parents' home after realizing the job market is really tough.

This attic however, is in a league of its own. The architecture firm L. McComber ltée  renovated the attic of a 135 year old home to turn it into a living/work space. By simply removing the sloped ceiling, nearly 5 feet of headroom was added. (And by simply adding a swing, they've made this editor really really jealous) When they were demolishing the roof of the building, the architects discovered that a flat roof had been added on top of the slanted roof during a previous renovation. Once the lower ceiling was removed, they added a window to brighten the space up.

The center of the living space houses a luxurious bathroom and the outside of it has been lined with shelves that wrap around the corners. The shelves themselves are made of wood salvaged from the old roof and the bottom shelf is larger than the rest to serve as a working desk.

Take a look inside the most beautiful attic in Montreal. All photos courtesy of Dwell.