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The Montreal Bacon Bowl Poutine That May Actually Stop Your Heart With Flavour

Photo cred - Brutus

When you're eating poutine, you've basically stopped thinking about any dietary restrictions or eating "healthy." All that cheese, gravy, and fried potato can hardly be described as a well-balanced meal, but who cares, because poutine is delicious. So in the spirit of not giving any fucks about what you're eating, we introduce to you the bacon bowl poutine by Brutus.

In the spirit of "go big or go home" Brutus, everyone's favourite bacon-centric bar, has put their signature Jägermeister poutine into a big ol' bowl made of bacon. Indulgent? Of course. Excessive? For sure. Amazing and even somewhat dangerously delicious? Quadruple hell to the yes.

Be warned, this is a poutine that isn't for the faint of heart. Actually though, if you have a heart condition you may not make it out of this eating experience. It may be worth it however, because once bacon has been sitting 'neath a bed of gooey poutine, absorbing all of those delicious juices, you may have a flavour that is worth a heart attack.

Brutus' bacon-creations are only getting more and more intense, and we can't complain. We've already seen the Fire Poutine, Bacon S'more, Maple Bacon Stick, and so much more come out of Brutus' kitchen, that we're not even surprised by the bacon-bowl poutine. Be sure to get more delicious updates and bacon-creations by heading to Brutus Facebook page here.

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