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The Montreal Bacon Pretzel Sandwich You Need To Eat Even If You Don't Eat Meat

You will want this PLT in and around your mouth.
The Montreal Bacon Pretzel Sandwich You Need To Eat Even If You Don't Eat Meat

Photo cred - sidesplitter

Classic dishes are classic for a reason. Why mess with what works, right? Well sometimes a restaurant doesn't "mess" with a classic flavour combo, and instead reinvigorates a dish by slightly modifying the recipe. Rosemont's infamous bacon bar Brutus has done exactly that with the classic BLT, remaking the sandwich without messing with the traditional flavours.

Taking out the 'B' and subbing in a 'P,' Brutus' bacon + lettuce + tomato sandwich still keeps all the ingredients needed to make a legit BLT (so everything just mentioned) but adds in a pretzel dimension. Instead of basic white toast bread, Brutus puts thick slices of bacon, crisp lettuce, and slices of tomatoes inside a freshly made giant pretzel, with Dijonnaise for an added creamy kick.

Paired up with fries, the Brutus PLT is $13 well spent. While a lot of Brutus' menu adds bacon into a dish that doesn't usually doesn't sport the pork product, the PLT shows that the resto-bar's chefs can take a classic bacon-centric dish and make it entirely unique, without just adding more bacon.

Get more delicious updates from Brutus by heading to their Facebook page here.

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