The Montreal Bacon Pulled Pork Breakfast Poutine Is The Epitome Of Morning Glory

Photo cred - Brutus

Brunch is meant to be filling, and at it's best, incredibly greasy and indulgent. Let's be real here folks, if you're having brunch, it's probably the weekend, and if it's the weekend, you're probably hungover, and if you're hungover you will need some comfort food to cut the hangover woes. That's just how the equation goes.

All-bacon bar Brutus has just entered the world of brunch this year, and one dish stands out as perhaps the most over-the-top (in the greatest way), indulgent, and (for lack of a better term) epic morning meal we've ever seen. Of course this dish would be a brunch-ified poutine, which goes by the name of "The Comapoutine," because after you eat one, you may pass out from flavour.

A mighty melange of meats and carbs, the Comapoutine begins with a succulent base of pulled pork, paired with all-bacon sausages, then topped with spicy poutine sauce, hashbrown balls, cheese curds, salsa, and two poached eggs on top, for the breakfast effect.  Breakfast poutines have been done before, but no one can say they were anything close to this.

Brutus is serving up the Comapoutine and all of their new brunch dishes each weekend from 10am to 3pm. Head over to Brutus' Facebook page for more details and delicious updates.

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