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The Montreal Bagel Infographic Is Quite Fantastic

Time for a bagel breakdown.
The Montreal Bagel Infographic Is Quite Fantastic

Iconic, delicious, and eaten everywhere throughout the city, Montreal bagels are on par with poutine in terms of popularity and cultural influence. You eat 'em for breakfast, lunch, and at 4am when nothing else is open, yet how much do you really know about Montreal's signature bagel?

Tourisme-Montreal wants you to know more about the food of the city, specifically the bagels, and so they have released "A delightful infocomic about Montreal's incredible bagels." Simple, fun, and bagel-educational, the infocomic/graphic created by James Alexander Dunphy is a must-read for bagel lovers in the city, so basically everyone should read it.

The bagelgraphic outlines the unique process that makes Montreal bagels the best in the world (much better than their NYC counterparts), with the bagel baking procedure broken down from start to finish. Fairmount & St. Viateur are (obviously) showcased as the city's premiere bagel spots, but we know a few bagel spots that are also contenders.

You can head over to the original post to check out the bagelgraphic, or scroll down and check it out below.  Just be sure to share around and prove that Montreal truly has the best bagels. #BagelOpponents and prove it is so.

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