The Montreal Bathroom With A $1,000,000 View

Taking your breath away on a whole new level.
The Montreal Bathroom With A $1,000,000 View

Photo cred - earth66

During one of my routine internet patrols, I came across an unusual picture. I was on a quest to find the coolest bathroom in the world (don't ask me why) when stumbled upon a pretty sweet bathtub. I had heard of a room with a view but I never heard of a tub with a view. Now I am by no means a "bath guy", I can't help but feel like I'm just stewing in my own filth. But if I had a tub like this, I would definitely reconsider.

You'll feel like king as you wash your royal butthole while sitting on top of the world. Seriously, most people's rooftops don't have a view this good. I just hope the owner has even better view in their living because that would be kind of lame to give your friends a tour of your place only to end with: "Oh by the way, if you liked the view from the living room, just wait until you see the tub."

There's one problem though, this was found onGoogle image search and when you click to see the page it takes you to a website called earth66 where they list this as: Bathtub with a view of Montreal - March 15th 2015.

We're not even sure what part of the city this tub overlooks and that's why we need your help.

Can you help identify which part of Montreal this tub is overlooking? Or maybe you know exactly what building it's located in? Is this place even real? Any info would be appreciated. Shoot me an email at

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