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The Montreal Biodôme Now Has A New Adorable Sloth Exhibit

So I think we can all agree that sloths are the best things on earth. That, coupled with eating ice cream and naps make the holy trinity of wonderful gifts the world has given us. However, today we're going to talk about sloths. Because right now, at this very waking second, there are sloths in Montreal.

Don't panic. I too had a mild stroke when I heard my favourite animals were in Montreal. But it's going to be okay. The Biodôme is holding an exhibit from June 20th until September 7th entitled "Natures Slowpokes'. Now while you chew on how adorable that name is, allow me to give you the logistics of the situation.

The Biodôme website reads, "The Biodôme welcomes you to the world of the sloth. This unrivalled master in the art of taking things slow has never been easier to contemplate. In this specially designed space, you can lounge lazily, while listening to the nature interpreters tell you about the life of the sloth, or simply while observing him in action.' " Not only will the event feature sloths, but also tortoises, which are equally as adorable.

Nature's Slowpokes is all about taking it easy, so if you're looking for a chill atmosphere with even chiller company, head on down. It's open all day every day until September, so you can take your time. Now, because I'm nice, here are some pictures of sloths and tortoises to get you pumped.

Photo cred - pawsfurpets

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