The Montreal Breakfast Poutine Is The Best Way To Start Your Day

Photo cred - Emily Dubuc

The holidays are a time to indulge, at pretty much any time of the day, because it's Christmas and who gives a truck about eating healthy, right? If you're with me so far, be sure to take a trip to Petinos Restaurant in DDO over the holidays, for what truly is the most indulgent of all morning meals: the breakfast poutine.

A calorific morning glory mixture of breakfast potatoes, cheese, and hollandaise sauce (in place of gravy) the breakfast poutine at Petinos will definitely fill you up 'til lunch time. To add in a bit of morning meat, you can also throw in some sausage into the mix (as seen in the photo) or bacon, or both, if you're looking for a mild cardiac arrest to start your day.

If you're not willing to trek it all the way to DDO for a breakfast poutine, remember that Fabergé on Fairmount has been making breakfast poutines for good long while. Made a tad differently, Fabergé's BP consists of home fries, caramelized peppers + onions, hollaindaise sauce, and cheese curds, all topped with an egg, any style. Take a peek at the pic below to get you hungry.

You have your options, now go start the day like a champion, or as is more fitting, a glutton. We prefer the former title.

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