The Montreal Canadiens Are Now Worth $1 Billion

Photo cred - Canadiens de Montréal

National Hockey League teams have become richer than ever, mainly due to a new media deal with Rogers this hockey season, with most NHL teams increasing 18.6% in value, according to Forbes. The jump in monetary worth thanks to the $4.6 billion Rogers deal has also rocketed the Habs to a brand new achievement, as Montreal's undisputed favourite hockey team is now worth $1 billion.

Three NHL teams broke the billion mark this year, with the Toronto Maple Leafs reaching $1.3 billion (meaning you don't need to win games to make money), the New York Rangers lifted up to a $1.1 billion net worth, and the Canadiens sitting in third and valued at a modest $1 billion.

Forbes' team values are "enterprise values," meaning they take into account the team's equity, along with the team's and home arena's net debt. A whole mess of other figures are also in the mix, and you can see the detailed breakdown of the Canadiens net worth by checking out their Forbes profile here.

Being the third most-valued NHL team in the league, with a 1 billion dollar value is quite the accolade for the Habs. Be sure to check out the breakdown on the entire league and find out more about Forbes' NHL team evaluations here.

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