The Montreal Canadiens Star In 3 Classic Horror Movies

The Habs are more than just hockey stars.

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Halloween wouldn't be complete without a horror movie viewing. The thrill, rush, and scares of the genre embody all the awesome of Halloween, so even if you don't like scary movies, you should be watching one today. Still not convinced? Well what if horror movies were fused with something all Montrealers love, like the Habs? The hypothetical is now reality, as a whole series of Habs horror films have just been "released."

Straight from the are three Habs-centric horror movie reimainings, with some of the genre's most classic films being given the Habs treatment. The Shining becomes The Slashing, Alex Galchenyuk becomes serial kiling doll Chucky, and Carey Price becomes, well, just plain old Carey.

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The Slashing

127 min.

"Jack, a former minor hockey coach who lost his job because of a battle with the bottle, finds a second life in hockey as a security guard at a local arena in Colorado and his wife, Wendy, and son, Alex, are not impressed to be moving into an apartment above the rink to avoid his violent past. In the cold, dark solitude of the arena, strange things start to happen, and Jack starts to suffer flashbacks. The only way for Wendy and Alex to escape to safety is for Alex to do something he swore he would never have to do again: slashing."


131 min.

"Carey is your average, young hockey player, like any other. What he loves most in life are his friends, his dogs, and most of all, hockey. He's living the dream until one day, a builder arrives in his small town and threatens to tear down the local arena to build condos. Carey and his friends stage a sit-in at the rink to keep it from being destroyed, but the young hockey stars can't stop the bulldozers from wreaking havoc, with both the arena and the guys falling victim to the evil developer in the process. The Condo Czar quickly learns, however, that his actions would soon prove fatal...and he would be the next victim. Carey returns to haunt the man who killed both him, and his hockey dreams."

Speed of Chucky

96 min.

"On a family trip to Russia, the Malhotra clan heads to visit the abandoned village of Promyshlennyi. While touring through the ruins, their youngest child, Manny, spots a doll he decides to take back with him as a souvenir. He names his new toy Chucky. Once they return home, strange things start to happen. Objects mysteriously moving during the night, utensils flying out of the drawers, cryptic writing on the walls. After first accusing Manny of being responsible for the eerie things going on around the house, his parents realize the perpetrator of the acts couldn't have been their son. But who could it be? Chucky, a thrilling tale guaranteed to leave you frozen in fear. Thanks to Stéphane Therrien for the poster."

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