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Montreal Equivalents Of Your Favourite TV Show Hangout Spots

#3 Monk's Café from Seinfeld = Beautys Luncheonette.
Montreal Equivalents Of Your Favourite TV Show Hangout Spots

Is there any better feeling than having a reliable, great place to chill at? Well, maybe. But not according to T.V. It's no secret that television hangout spots are awesome, and if you've ever roamed the streets of Montreal looking for a real life version of Central Perk, or wondering where you can drink your troubles away MacLaren's style, you can stop. Your search is over. Here's a list of the coolest T.V. hangout spots in Montreal!

1. Central Perk from Friends = Café Névé

151 Rachel East

When you think of awesome fictional hangouts, what's one of the first things to come to mind? Central Perk. Friendly, fun, warm and familiar - Central Perk is probably the apex of T.V. hangouts. Montreal's Cafe Neve hits the friendly, fun, warm and familiar vibe of Central Perk spot-on. Don't be surprised if you find yourself coming here every day - and unintentionally running into a few of your friends while you're at it. The only difference between Central Perk and Cafe Neve? The iconic sofa. Oh, and Phoebe Buffay's acoustic rendition of "Smelly Cat."


2. MacLaren's from How I Met Your Mother = McKibbin's Irish Pub

Various Locations

MacLaren's is the cozy Irish pub that the gang from How I Met Your Mother hits up on a daily basis, which is basically defined by its comfortable atmosphere, great staff, and convenient location. If this sounds familiar, it's because I also literally just described Montreal's own McKibbin's Irish Pub. Sounds great, doesn't it? Don't be afraid to pull a classic Shmosby and admit your love for McKibbin's. It's a place of beauty.


3. Monk's Café from Seinfeld = Beautys Luncheonette

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal West

Tell me you don't hear the Seinfeld bass line every single time you walk into Beautys. Everything - from the string of regular customers, to the blue benches, to the friendly, classic feel - is a dead ringer for the iconic restaurant synonymous with the popular '90s sitcom. An added bonus: they serve egg white omelettes. And although they don't have a 'big salad' on their menu, their regular salads are pretty legit.


Photo cred -

That '70s Show (Official) / 3643 St-Laurent Apt. 200

4. Foreman's basement from That '70s Show = Apt. 200

3643 Boul. St-Laurent

This is literally a match made in Heaven. It's pretty obvious that everything about Apt. 200 screams vintage basement - classic arcade games anyone? - but what really makes the bar a legit contender with the Foreman's basement is its vibe. Chill, sometimes crowded, and always the go-to spot for a guaranteed great time. Just don't try to sit in a circle and get high. That'll get you into much more trouble than Red Foreman calling you a dumbass.


5. Karen's Café from One Tree Hill = Le Vieux Velo

59 Beaubien East

In the famous CW drama, One Tree Hill, Karen's Cafe is a popular family-run spot to chill for all the main characters. Similarly, Le Vieux Velo is a great spot for Montrealers to chill, giving off that similar, unpretentious-yet-widely-popular vibe.


6. Paddy's from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia = Mad Hatter's Pub

1208 Crescent

I know what you're thinking. Paddy's from It's Always Sunny has a notoriously bad reputation - relying on cheap gimmicks to bring in clientele. Meanwhile, Mad Hatter's is very possibly one of the most awesome pubs in Montreal, no gimmicks needed. Paddy's is a cornerstone of the show, just like Mad Hatter's is a cornerstone of Crescent Street. And what else is Paddy's/Sunny synonymous with? Shenanigans, my friends. Take one look at Mad Hatter's and tell me that there aren't some seriously fun shenanigans that go on down there.


7. Bob's Burgers from Bob's Burgers = Les Belles Soeurs

2251 Marie-Anne East

Cute burger joint? Check. Locally-owned? Check. Chalkboard announcing the day's special hamburger? Check. Of course I'm talking about Les Belles Soeurs, but I could have just as easily been describing the titular restaurant on Bob's Burgers. The similarities between fictional Bob's Burgers and Montreal's Les Belles Soeurs don't just end there though. On the show, main character Bob has been referred to as a 'meat artist', and I'm sure after one trip to Les Belles Soeurs you'll be saying the same thing about their chefs. Alriiiighttt.


Photo cred - Pub St-Paul / bluecaptions

8. Moe's Tavern from The Simpsons = Pub St-Paul

124 Saint Paul East

Much like Moe's, Pub St-Paul is friendly, unpretentious, and a classic place to grab a few beers. However, unlike Moe's, St-Paul is totally unskeevy, always fun, and located in one of the nicest parts of town. Win-win? Win-win.


9. Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls = Cosmos Snack Bar

5843 Sherbrooke West

The main thing about Luke's Diner is that it's an 'institution'. It has a family vibe to it, and is super popular in its small town. And what Montreal diner is more of an institution than Cosmos? Although it's small, it's pretty much an irreplaceable part of Montreal. If you've ever eaten there, then you know you can't get more of a comfortable atmosphere in an eatery.


10. Clyde's Bar from New Girl = Les Incorruptibles

1432 Fleury East

Although Les Incorruptibles is definitely trendier than Clyde's Bar, where all of our favourite characters from New Girl hang out, it does hit some most of the essential points. Specifically, a vintage decor, a fun atmosphere, and a warm, friendly vibe.


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