The "Montreal Flag Infographic" Will Finally Explain What The Hell Those Symbols Mean

Photo cred - elraymo

Unveiled in 1939, Montreal's flag has flown high and represented the city for the better part of a century. In that time, however, the many symbols that are found in the four corners of the flag have lost their meaning, to most modern citizens and newcomers to the city, that is.

The A blue Fleur-de-lys is kind of a no-brainer, the thistle and red rose, not so much. Knowing the meaning behind the city's flag isn't all that important (how often do you really see it during a day in the city anyway?) but being able to say "the shamrock represents Irish settlers" will surely add some cred to your "true Montrealer" status.

Save yourself a wikipedia search and take a gander at the infographic, all about Montreal's flag and what the hell it means. Cheers to this redditor for originally posting the infographic.

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