The Montreal Food Truck Festival Is Coming

In coordination with the Just For Laughs Festival our city will be experiencing another one at the same time. The Montreal Food Truck Festival will be popping off right beside to offer the population a wide selection of the best they have to offer.

Roughly 41 different food trucks will be assembled at Parc des Festivals between July 13th and 27th. There are certainly going to be a lot of trucks Montrealers have not seen before so its going to be a great way to get to know them all.

The assortment of foods on deck is so wide we cant even phathom having enough money to taste something from each truck.

You will see different flavored sausages, fish & chips, Curry dishes, Dim Sum, bbq meats, pulled pork, tacos, fajitas, fun deserts, Tartar, elaborate drinks, butter chicken, every single dumpling you can think of, duck confit poutine, smoked meat, pizzas, burgers hot dogs and fries.

Get ready to be hungry Montreal because being a glutton is what is on tap.


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