The Montreal Guide To Summer 2014

To ensure the best summer of your life in the city.
The Montreal Guide To Summer 2014

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Summer has officially arrived and we think it's time that you experience a real Montreal summer. Often, a whole summer will go by and you will not have done half of the things that Montreal has to offer. We’re here to make sure that this doesn’t end up happening again. We’ve created a Summer Guide which will cover any and everything happening in or around the island this summer. You can use this guide to ensure that you get the most out of our vibrant, beautiful city.

As our city gives us more to offer, we'll keep adding to this list - that way, whenever you need to know something, you'll know just where to go.


The amount of festivals happening in the city of Montreal is ridiculous and incredible. You can literally plan a whole, amazing summer around attending all of these festivals - in fact, we think that's exactly what you should be doing right now.

Nightlife/Going Out

Although our dreams of having bars stay open until 6 am were brutally, viciously crushed, we're still planning to spend a lot of this summer in a kind of, a little bit tipsy state.


We love food in Montreal and in the summer, it feels like we really get to explore everything the city has to offer. Here are some summery options you definitely have to check out - whether you just want to keep cool or you're really craving a mac n cheese hot dog!

Quintessentially Montreal

Let's be honest with each other right now - we're a pretty strange city. We have a lot of weird, unique, creative and amazing things going on that really make up Montreal. From an oyster festival to a naked bike ride, our city - like its citizens - will try anything at least once. And if we love it? We'll keep doing it year after year. Take a look at some quintessentially Montreal events happening this summer.

Important Information

It's really not fun to plan an afternoon with your friends and have it fall apart because you're not familiar with the rules and regulations of the city. We got your back. Everything you need to know about enjoying summer, legally, is right here, with a few not-so-legal additions to make sure you know about everything summer-related.

The Great Outdoors

We only get about 5 seconds of summer (compared to a billion days of winter) in this city, so we need to spend as much time as humanly possible outside. Luckily, Montreal thrives in this department - explore the city and get your tan on while you're at it!


We don't mean to be a drag but, unless you've been extremely blessed in life, you're going to have to find some way to make a little money in order to enjoy summer in the city. Don't worry about it though - we've got you covered.

Getting Out of Town

As much as we love you, Montreal, sometime we just need to get out of town for a little while. We won't be gone long, and we won't wander too far (we couldn't do that to you!) - we just need to take a few days to ourselves. Luckily, the surrounding areas have just as much to offer as the city itself so we can stay close by, while still escaping the chaos of Montreal.

Are you ready for the best summer of your life, Montreal?

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