The Montreal Hipster Heat Map

It's no doubt that Montreal is undergoing its strongest hipster wave this summer. The trend has spread quite widely this past year, and during these hot summer days, the hipsters refuse to stay indoors!

Hipsters do however; bring a certain flavor and mood to our beautiful city. While some argue that their union- like movement is simply a commercialized trend, others admire the creativity and soul that they bear.

Montreal is a big city in a small space, so spotting a plaid shirted, boat shoe wearing dude isn't all that difficult. While their presence has a higher concentration in some areas, the hipster population has grown so that one can always be found anywhere in the city.

The trend appears to be quite popular in Toronto as well. It's impediment has led Yelp to create a Toronto hipster hangout map. Their concentration seems to be high, but we think Montreal has just as many hangouts for tea drinking, bike riding hipsters.

Whether you're trying to avoid the cliques, join them or simply pay them a visit, (since Yelp isn't too strong in Montreal) we've created the Montreal hipster heat map- showcasing the most popular hipster bars, cafes, restaurants and parks in the city.