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The Montreal Mac & Cheese Burger You Can Eat On Saint-Laurent Street

You will want to eat one sooner that later.
The Montreal Mac & Cheese Burger You Can Eat On Saint-Laurent Street

Photo creds - Burger Royal

Comfort can come in many forms, though we all know the sure-fire way to get anyone feeling all warm and comfy is with food. Certain dishes just make you happy, filling your mind with memories of bygone happy dies while filling your belly. Few dishes are more comforting to your body and soul than burgers and macaroni and cheese, so just think the delicious double-whammy of comfort to be tasted when the two are combined, a flavourful combination you can experience at Burger Royal on St. Laurent street.

Appropriately titled the "Mac Attack," Burger Royal's combo-burger features a 3 or 6oz beef patty (slider or regular sized) topped with a healthy dose of mac 'n cheese, bacon (essential to all good M&C) and ketchup. The result is a burger that will instantly take you back to your childhood, even though you'll have to deal with all the calories in your present-state of adulthood.

Burger Royal doesn't only put mac 'n cheese on their burgers, as the resto's menu features a whole "Mac Bar" complete with 7 different kinds of M&C. You can get a standard, caramelized onion, bacon, hotdog, and even a very-enticing Mexican mac 'n cheese with filled with chilli, cheese sauce, guacamole, and jalapeños.

Be sure to head over to Burger Royal's Facebook page and instagram feed for more mouthwatering burger-creations, or just head over to the resto above St. Laurent and des Pins and munch out on a Mac Attack yourself.

Photo creds - Burger Royal

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