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The Montreal-Made Marijuana Fried Chicken You Can Eat To Get Super High

F*ck Colonel Sanders, Mook-Life's MasterBeater has the best recipe.
The Montreal-Made Marijuana Fried Chicken You Can Eat To Get Super High

Stop the mothertruckin' presses, 'cuz folks, we've stumbled upon the zenith of marijuana cuisine. Cast aside all basic thoughts of cookies, brownies, or all that done-to-death dessert-ish edibles, because we're about to blow your weed-loving mind with legit marijuana-infused deep fried chicken that not only tastes delicious, but also gets you ripped. Oh, and it was invented right here in Montreal, thus adding to all the awesome.

Mook Life chef and disc jockey MasterBeater created this fusion of food and cannabis, with the full story and rundown originally posted on the Mook Life website here. We actually found this tender piece of cannabis/chicken culture from the Vulgar Chef, so we say thank you to both for making us aware an edible of this sort even existed.

The process/recipe is a tad involved, and requires a legit set up. While MasterBeater uses a deep fryer to make his chicken tenders, you can easily use a pan of sorts, or whatever you normally use to fry things up. The only particuarly tricky step is how you'll have to inject your chicken tenders with some canna-butter.

Yes, you literally use a syringe to infuse the chicken meat with marijuana. Getting your hands on a big ol' needle could be a hassle, unless you already know where to get one at the ready (so either you're a nurse or another kind of drug fiend) but the effort will be worth it.

Check out a visual breakdown of the recipe below, all photos courtesy of Mook Life. Be sure to check out the full recipe here.

Set up your work station

Gather your ingredients and set up your melted cannabutter

Make a ranch sauce for dipping

Cut up your chicken into tender form

Inject 'dat foul with some liquid THC

Coat with batter

Deep fry

Eat, enjoy, and get deliciously stoned. Life is beautiful.

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