The Montreal McGill Student Residence You Wish You Had Lived In

Photo cred - KANVA

A building stands as a piece of physical history, speaking of its era of origin with its architectural design. One Montreal building, however, tells a tale in a very different way. KANVA's Edison Residence, a student rez right next to McGill campus, uses photoengraved concrete panels to literally tell a story.

Originally a 19th century stone house, a fire occurred in the lot that is now the Edison Residence, destroying most of the home. The architects at KANVA wanted to respect the buildings architectural history and so outfitted the residence with concrete facades depicting images from the film "Montreal Fire Department on Runners."

The movie was chosen for two specific reasons. One being that the film speaks of the fire that originally ruined the building, and the second being how the movie focuses on Thomas Edison, who was a major contributor to the evolution of moving images and film.

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While the exterior of the Edison Residence is impressive enough, the inside is quite impressive as well. Stone and concrete still play a large role in the aesthetic of the residence, having been transformed into a something of a modern version of its previous existence as a 19th century home.

Peek inside the Edison Residence through the photos below, all courtesy of KANVA, and if you're so inclined, see how you can post up in the building by heading to the Edison Residence's official website here.

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