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The Montreal Mile Ex Apartment Building You Wish You Lived In

Naturehumaine's St-Zotique residence has so much presence.
The Montreal Mile Ex Apartment Building You Wish You Lived In

Montreal's Mile Ex is fast becoming one the trendiest areas of Montreal, mainly due to the new bars, stores, and buildings being added to the neighborhood. Case in point: the St-Zotique residences built by Naturehumaine, an apartment building that fuses Mile Ex's industrial roots with a the good parts of suburbia.

The St-Zotique residences building is comprised of 10 apartments spread across three different floors, topped with 4 different rooftop patio sections that are joined by several green spaces. Despite being an apartment building, the topside green roofs and mezzanines give a pseudo-backyard to tenants, a suburban quality unseen in most urban residences in Montreal.

On the inside of the building, a homey atmosphere is created with lots of natural light coming in from large windows, lightly colored paneling, and wood floors. Externally, the building is also quite visually striking, with the building separated in three different sections with three different patterns changing as the building ascends.

See inside the St-Zotique residences through the photos below, courtesy of Naturehumaine.

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