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The Montreal Observatory Will Be Open Late On Nuit Blanche And Tickets Cost Only $10

Nuit blanche is gonna be lit (up)
The Montreal Observatory Will Be Open Late On Nuit Blanche And Tickets Cost Only $10

Nuit Blanche is one of the most exciting nights of the year, one when artists, museums, cinemas, bars and landmarks all team up to create one long, magical night. Nuit Blanche's program is out right now, so you can start planning your night right now. We've already made a list of all of the things you can do for free

The Montreal Observatoire also deserves a mention - you know, that viewpoint at the top of Place-Ville-Marie, next to les Enfant Terribles? The Observatoire is extending its opening hours on Nuit Blanche, March 2 and we're really excited about it.

TL;DR On Saturday, March 2nd, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., visitors will have access to the Observatoire, and therefore an unparalleled view of the city on the most lit-up night of the year for $10.

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The Observatoire is the only place where you can see the city from a 360 degree, panoramic angle. It's located atop Place-Ville-Marie, standing more than 185 meters high.

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You can see many of the "classic" Montreal sights from there: the Olympic stadium, the Mont-Royal cross, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Biosphere and La Grande Roue.

For Nuit Blanche, a special exhibit will be set up: specially designed screens that will show us what Montreal will look like in the future. The Observatoire's press release assures us that it will be a "transformation that unfolds before our eyes, making us witness our city’s metamorphosis."

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This exhibit will display projections of what certain renovation projects will look like when they're done, like the Bonaventure Highway, thee construction of the new Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, the revitalization of Sainte Catherine Street, the redesign of McGill College Avenue etc...

Because we do need a little help imagining what the city will look like without all its orange cones. 

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