This Montreal Penthouse Is The Epitome Of Modern Luxury

Even better than your dream apartment.
This Montreal Penthouse Is The Epitome Of Modern Luxury

Your own rooftop terrasse; a view of the entire city from your chic living room; access to a private pool overlooking Montreal. Only one of these features of a living space is enough to make the average Montrealer go wild, but all three? That would seem the stuff dreams are made of, but for folks living in a penthouse at Le Nordelec, it's a wonderful reality.

What was once a Northern Electric Company built over a century ago has become the epitome of modern living in Montreal, otherwise known as Le Nordelec lofts, condos, and penthouses.

Open since 2014, the Pointe St-Charles living complex has been revamped entirely, with the Cardinal Hardy architectural firm still ensuring the building pays homage to its origins.

You can see the blend of old and new in the penthouse's layout and design. Each penthouse has incredibly high ceiling reminiscent of older designs, and the interior design (crafted by HUMA Design) uses a mix of natural and metallic materials to instill a sense of harmonizing binaries within each room.

But truthfully, it's the many modern additions to the Le Nordelec that makes the penthouses the ideal living space. Every single penthouse has its own rooftop terrasse directly connected to the spacious living room, many of which overlook the Lachine Canal and the Montreal skyline.

A communal rooftop lounge is also available to all Le Nordelec residents. About 4, 000 sq/ft, the relaxation space features an outdoor pool, sitting area, a workout zone, and more.

Of course, each penthouse is also equipped with every modern convenience as well, from state of the art kitchens to modern decor that compliments the building's entire aesthetic.

To gaze upon these penthouses, which truly are the epitome of modern luxury, check out the photos below. If you want to find out more (and maybe living the building) head to Le Nordelec's official website here.

*Images courtesy of Le Nordelec

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