The Montreal Police "Unveil" Their All-New Muscle Car Cop Car

Riding in hot style.
The Montreal Police "Unveil" Their All-New Muscle Car Cop Car

Photo cred - imgur

Montreal's police force just got an automotive upgrade, one that's more than a little over the top. Keep your eyes peeled on the road for the SPVM Dodge Charger, with full-on muscle car flames, for God knows what reason.

You won't see any official SPVM branding on this bad boy, because it's supposed to be an undercover cop vehicle, though the protest stickers are a dead give away.

Then there's the lining of fire on the hood of the car, which, again, seems so unnecessary. Maybe the SPVM just want to feel cool, or this particular copper is going through a mid-life crisis and wants to seem full of fiery youthful energy.

Either way, the flames, stickers, and the muscle car itself (which, we must relent, is pretty fly) makes this not-so-undercover SPVM vehicle pretty easy to spot. Slow down accordingly, but if you do get followed and signaled to pull over by one of these Dodge Chargers, note that the driver is not trying to initiate a drag race. The more you know.

Kudos to thereddit thread who pointed out this gem.

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