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The Montreal Potato-Waffle Breakfast Poutine You Simply Need To Eat

Get this for breakfast, actually.
The Montreal Potato-Waffle Breakfast Poutine You Simply Need To Eat

Photo cred - Faberge

Breakfast poutines are nothing new in Montreal . More than a few diners/restos have a cheese-potato-gravy morning meal on the menu, all which typically sub in home fries and hollondaise for the latter two parts of the poutine trinity. Fabergé already had our favourite poutine-for-breakfast, but the brunch resto has stepped up their game in a huge way.

Throwing off the shackles of the standard breakfast poutine, Faberge has thrown a waffle into the mix, and oh lordy does it look heavenly. Taking out the typical fry route, Fabergé has created the "people's waffle," a potato-based waffle then topped with cheese, gravy, and some pulled duck for good measure.

Fabergé's latest creation isn't on the food market quite yet . The people's waffle is a Poutine Week creation, released a bit a head of time to get some hype. Well done because it totally worked. Be sure to head to Fabergé's Facebook page for more details and head to the resto once Poutine Week starts on Febuary 7th.

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