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Last week we discovered the magical Mexico-Montreal food fusion that is the Poutine Burrito, which understandably made our mouths water. What we didn't know was that Montreal's burrito bike service Velo Burrito has been making their own poutine burrito for a long while, a flavour-packed meal that can be delivered straight to your humble abode.

A combination of refried beans, roasted potatoes, cheese curds, gravy, and hot sauce, Velo Burrito's tortilla-wrapped poutine is dubbed "The Lachance," and we're willing to take a chance and say that this burrito is divine. Customer reviews have said the same, with the general consensus being that The Lachance is amazing.

Not your standard food service, Velo Burrito is all about providing vegetarian/vegan burritos to the Montreal public, all delivered on burrito bike messengers, even in the winter. Deliveries are made right to your door every day between 5pm and 10pm all around Montreal, or you can grab your burrito at Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles on Beaubien and Saint Laurent.

Below is a pic of an unwrapped Lachance, showcasing the burrito in all its gravy-glory. Get your hands on one for yourself by heading to the Velo Burrito Facebook page for all the details on how to order.

Are you hungry for more? Click here for The Montreal “Fire Poutine” >

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