The Montreal "Secret" Spycams You Should Know About

Nearly 250 live feeds you can access right now.
The Montreal "Secret" Spycams You Should Know About

In this world cameras are pretty much everywhere. Everyone around you has one in their pocket and most buildings have security cams. But at least you're usually aware of when you're being filmed. You might not be able to do anything about it, but you know it's happening.

But what about the cameras you don't know about? There are cameras positioned around Montreal that are rolling 24/7. And this isn't some secure private network or anything, these can be accessed and viewed by anyone right here.

You can spy on The Plateau, Avenue Mont-Royal, The Victoria Bridge, Decarie, Verdun, Lachine and about 242 other locations in Canada.

Some of these appear to be security cameras such as the one at the Saint Justine Hospital  and some of them are traffic cams like the one on Decarie. We're not sure how this website got access to all of these.

At first it almost seems kind of fun to be able to access live feeds all around the country, until you realize that most of the people on the screens have no idea they're being filmed.  And I don't know about you, but I'm getting a weird "Big Brother" vibe right now.

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