The Montreal Snapchat Account You Need To Start Following

Quebec's very own DJ Khaled.
The Montreal Snapchat Account You Need To Start Following

No doubt, you've heard of a little social media platform I like to call Snapchat. There's even a good chance you like to do some casual snapping yourself. Hell, might even get a few screenshots once in a while.

Then there are those accounts that take it to a whole other level, giving you a sneak peak inside the exciting worlds of jet-setting around to exotic locations, the best in VIP treatment, and inside the coolest events. Ya, the best kind of Snapchat accounts.

Case in point - Olivier Primeau. You know, the dude who hosts the wildest parties every summer at BeachClub, where celebrities like Dan Bilzerian dive out of a helicopter, Kylie Jenner celebrates her birthday, and Tiesto absolutely blows-up the crowd (just to name a few)? Yea, that Oliver Primeau.

Don't believe me? Just check out how Primeau watches a Habs game for example:

Primeau is so dedicated to his Snapchat game, you might've  even seen some of his posters around town recently. There's only 2,500 of them on 150 different Montreal walls!

Needless to say, Primeau's Snachat is on point for all you Snapchat lovers out there. The BeachClub founder is constantly updating his adventures, showing off exclusive behind-the-scenes few ever get to see, and offering his followers loads of chances to experience them all for themselves.

So if you're not already, follow Oliprime on Snapchat for a taste of that good life.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, beach season has arrived in Quebec. Of course, that also applies to Beachclub — a popular open-air club with a swimming pool about an hour from Montreal — which just announced the details of its "Grand Opening Pool Party" for the 2021 season.

"After more than a year without an event at the Beachclub, it's finally time to announce the come back of our famous POOL PARTY on our little island this summer!" reads a Beachclub Instagram post.

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Beachclub Will Be Hosting 'Pool Parties With DJs' This Summer

"The beach is one big terrasse," the owner wrote.

Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beachclub, confirmed on May 18 that this spot at Pointe-Calumet Beach will in fact be hosting some form of "parties" again for summer 2021.

"For big shows, I don't know but for pool parties with local Djs it's 100% sure," Primeau let his followers know on Instagram.

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On May 11, the owner of Montreal's Beachclub, Olivier Primeau let his Instagram followers know about a big update regarding how the club will be accepting payments in the future.

"Beachclub will officially be the first club in Canada to accept Bitcoin and ethereum as payment methods," the owner wrote.

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Beachclub Will Lose Its Liquor Permit For 20 Days Next Summer

There are 93 alleged breaches, in categories including drugs and public safety.

Many Montrealers have high hopes for next summer after a COVID-filled 2020. But there's already a hiccup for those planning on partying at Beachclub — a popular open-air club about an hour from Montreal — which will lose its liquor permit for 20 days in 2021, according to files provided to MTL Blog by La Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux. 

Beachclub — which is located in Pointe-Calumet, Quebec and known for its beaches, terraces, swimming pool, bars and EDM shows — cancelled its 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic, promising its patrons on Facebook that they'd be "aiming high" for the upcoming season.

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