The Montreal STM Metro Map Of 2054

Finally the west island and east end get some love.

Montrealers have a love/hate relationship with the city's metro system. Necessary to get us where we need to be on the daily, the metro is something the city absoultely needs, but frequent closures and a pretty small overall network makes many frustrated with the underground transit system. By 2054, that all could change.

The pictured map isn't an official plan or anything, so don't get your hopes too high, but it's one idea of what the Montreal metro system could, and ideallly will, look like in 40 years. Posted by Ron Thibodeau in response to this facebook thread, this Montreal metro map is what the city needs.

Kind of a hot mess of colours, in the very best way, the 2054 potential-map includes two new metro lines and extensions in nearly every direction. Commuters from the West, East, and North would have a lot easier time getting into the city, and it would be a breeze getting around to anywhere in Montreal for those already downtown.

A magnificent idea, but let's be real here, this might happen in 100 years rather than 40.This map of the metro network is a lot more likely, but we still need these "planned" extensions before anything else. We can dream though, right?

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