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The Montreal Tattoo Experiment "Project Apophenia"

Cover photo cred: Thomas Leuthard

When we got the call from Mykee, we thought, what a crazy idea!? Let's make it crazier. The project is called Apophenia, and it's totally out of the ordinary.

This project features a collab with Vico (a Montreal tattoo artist), Mykee (the guy who will get a random stranger's face tattooed on his leg) and us, the media collaborators.

We are inviting all Montrealers to submit their photo via Instagram (portrait style) for a chance to get their face tattooed on Mykee's leg. Permanently.

Here are the details:

  • Use the hash tag #projectapophenia
  • Photo needs to be vertical (keep the original photo on your phone in case you get picked)
  • No black & white effects
  • Need to currently live in Montreal
  • The portrait chosen will be tattooed on Mykee's leg and the person invited to assist at the tattoo session (1 hour before its done to not disturb the artist)
  • Deadline: Sunday, August 25th 2013 5pm.

As detailed in the video (below), we will choose the most aesthetic photo amongst all participants. Good luck to y'all!

Vico Frio

Montreal born raised in Florida. Drawing my whole life. After school I went into business. That venture failed money couldn't fulfill me. Realized I would rather practice a craft i enjoyed, hence tattooing.

Apophenia reflects a part of life we don't stay conscious about: everything is permanent, the exact moment anything happens is concrete. The intensity we attribute to the tangible like a tattoo or don't, like what a gesture represents leaves me with "why do we glorify the tangible in society"?

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Mykee Qoin

Toronto born, Mykee Qoin moved 13 years ago, with no real plan or direction, figuring that Montreal was the real life 'Land of Misfit Toys'. Graduating high school early at 16, Mykee became bored and found himself getting into a lot of trouble. Growing up with his grandmother, with no real "rules" to obey, mischief was easy to get into, hard to get out of and landed him in jail for over 2 and half years. During that time, art and creative thinking became a much needed distraction, time passer and eventually, a passion.

Fast forward to present date, now an artist having as many mediums as he has creative outlets. Everything from making stop animation films, perler bead and lego necklaces, stencil work, dissecting and repurposing electronics to painting canvases, hand-making small urban installations and putting them around the city with nothing more then a "Thank you for stealing this art" on the reverse side.