This Is Montreal's "Walking Distance" Metro Map

A truly accurate metro map.
This Is Montreal's "Walking Distance" Metro Map

Montreal's metro network map can be a little confusing, at least when it comes to representing the distance between stations. Since it's not to scale, stations like Peel and McGill look like they're as far apart as Namur and Plamondon on the STM metro map, which can set people up for disaster.

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For residents of Montreal, this usually isn't a problem, because you know better than to try and walk to stations outside of the downtown area. Not quite the case for tourists, who aren't privy to that familiar with the metro network.

But regardless if you're from the city or not, wouldn't it be nice to have a metro map that's a tad more accurate when it comes to the distance between stations?

Enter the Walking Distance Montreal Metro Map created by Pavlo Kalyta, which pretty much fulfills that function.

Much like the name sounds, the Walking Distance Metro Map provides you with the number of minutes it takes to walk between stations in the STM metro network. Fun fact: the shortest distance between two stations is Square-Victoria and Place d'Armes, clocking in at just 5 minutes!

Honestly, it's super useful information for just about anyone in Montreal, as you can accurately decide whether or not you should use the metro or simply walk the combined twenty minutes it's going to take you to get from George-Vanier to Bonaventure.

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