The Montreal Week-Ender: Nov. 28th - Dec. 1st 2013

Get ready to go out and forget about the snow.
The Montreal Week-Ender: Nov. 28th - Dec. 1st 2013

Baby, it's cold out; don't hermit just yet, because what you do December 1 will set what you'll end up doing all summer. You knew that, right? We got you, do these things, and you'll be all set to ring in December right.

Thursday, Nov 28

The Notable Merchants are going hard with their third apres-work installment! Because who can wait for Friday? Not I! view event>

Friday, Nov 29

FUNKtastique Fridays should already be on your weekly party schedule, but just in case you still need a reminder, here it is. view event>

Vendredi, On S'Lâche Lousse is gonna be poppin' at Lobby Bar on Friday, so don't let your ass miss this vibe. view event>

Get your dose of sick beats at Cabaret Underworld, courtesy of JFB + Kytami + Strange Future + Woblz + Wally + DJ Jams + Turtilian. view event>

Chocolate Jungle's 90's Jam of the Year at Le Belmont is promising to deliver crazy times, with live dancers, and a throwback 90's soul train vibe. Because the 2000's are overrated anyway. view event>

Saturday, Nov 30

Talent Nation Montreal's Rising Stars Showcase at Theatre Corona will bring you the newest, young musical talent, and there's a pre-show cocktail hour to get your ears greased for the aural orgasams to follow. view event>

Keep your beat-filled Saturday going by moving on to Creepshow Rockabilly vs. Psychobilly at Cabaret Underworld to get a vibe change, because it's good to shake your night up. view event>

Sunday, Dec 1

Missed the show on Saturday? Didn't get enough? That's fine, because Talent Nation's Industry Showcase on Sunday moves on to Olympia, expanding the experience to a different neighborhood. view event>

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