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The Montreal Week-Ender: April 10th – April 12th

You deserve a break this weekend!
The Montreal Week-Ender: April 10th – April 12th

Photo cred - Johnny Martin

What's up Montreal? The sun is up that's what! The weather is only getting better guys which only means one thing: SUMMER is one step closer. MTL Blog knows it's finals for all our students out there...Hang tight - you can do it!! Take a break this weekend and have some fun. You definitely deserve it. We have loads of suggestions for you as usual:

Thursday, April 10th

Van Did – Seychelle – Rombo Limbo Productions is presenting another amazing night at HABITAT (If you've never been, it's a really cool place BTW). You don't wan't to miss this night filled with sick electro beats, beautiful people and good vibes. Dance to your happiness! View event>

CASAJMSB & JMSM Gamenight This night is presented by Samsung who's launching their new phone - they will be giving out tons of giveaways. Watch the big game (Habs VS NY Islanders) with a bunch of crazy university students, everyone is welcomed! View event>

SUWU For those hip hop folks - this is where it's at on Thursdays. Bust a move on the dance floor with the Sounds of SIM (DJ Simahlak). Oh and, while you're at it, grab a Big Booty Ho (the drink...or a real one...whatever floats your boat). View event>

Friday, April 11th

FUNKtastique Fridays at La Porte Rouge This is the reason why we say T.G.I.F, our usual spot. If you want a wild night to remember (or not to remember) Here's where you wan't to be - Behind La Porte Rouge. Don't think you're ready for this. View event>

Get Nice For all y'all who love to dance to that Beyonce, that reggae and them old school jams. Go to Blizzarts and hit that packed dance floor and get wild and nice. View event>

3643 St-Laurent Apt. 200 Where else would you be on a Friday night if not at the coolest place in town right now? Also, celebrate Beaubs and Hogan's birthday! Wait, who's that? None other than two of our best friends from the West-Island ;). View event>

Saturday, April 12th

REVLINE presents: Charity Boot camp for Happy Village Intl. Start of your Saturday RIGHT by attending this boot camp at the Club Montreal Sports & Social(CMSS). You'll be doing the right thing for yourself by keeping active and, at the same time, you would be doing a great thing for others as well. All proceeds will go to help raise funds for children with intellectual disabilities here in Montreal and in Ghana, West Africa. Great job Revline Fitness! See you all there - MTL Blog will definitely be a part of this.

Dj Vito V 1st time in Hawkesbury Why not take a short roadtrip out of the city into the small town of Hawkesbury?! Get a few friends and head to the Déjà Vu Bar & Grill - an EPIC night is guaranteed. What goes on in Ontario stays in Ontario. View event>

Yusek With Pomo & Guilty Head to the SAT and check out these amazing artists! You'll be feelin' the music all night long. Another I Love Neon Event you don't wanna snooze on. View event>

Les Beats 003 Live stream event with Montreal finest and tastemakers. A day event to celabrate spring! DJ Lexis (MusicIsMySanctuary), Dr. Mad (ALAIZ) and a special guest who will plays at all your favorite music festivals. 2PM - 8PM at Bleury Bar à Vinyle. Be there. View event>

BONUS: Sunday, April 13th

Blue Dog For a nice, chill, laid back yet FUN night to grab a drink and let loose. MTL Blog recently discovered a great place to be on Sundays. DJ Blaster on the ones and twos and staff there are giving out nothing but love!

Pabst King D’La Can You don't want to miss this event at Katacombes. An epic battle between four shops, as they round up their very best riders to go head to head for a chance to win several prizes! Sicks beats and some great Pabst, join the fun! View event>

What are you doing this week-end?

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