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The Montreal Week-Ender: April 3rd – April 5th

Let the weekend BEGIN!
The Montreal Week-Ender: April 3rd – April 5th

Photo cred - Johnny Martin

Things are definitely heating up this weekend in Montreal as the Quebec election day approaches! You may not think of politics but politics thinks of you dudes. So, don't just complain. Make use of those rights and make a difference. Vote on April 7th! But first... #LetUsHaveACelebration. I mean, this COULD be the last weekend we party in a unified Quebec/Canada after all or the beggining of big changes. We should definitely celebrate to this - it's only right! Yeah, you guys should all know by now, any reason is a good reason to party in this amazing city. Also, things are literally heating up this weekend. Slowly but surely, the temperature is rising before us. We're looking at 6°C Friday and 8°C Saturday... and it's only getting better next week! So, get out there and let loose Montreal, you deserve it. Y'know, we've got you covered on what to do:

Thursday, April 3rd

Pre-Election Pub Night What a perfect way to start of the weekend at Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill (Downtown)! Mingle and discuss your opinions about the imminent Quebec election and how the outcome might affect Montreal. A night provided to you by Notre Montreal and Montreal Blog. Space is limited, make sure to RSVP. View event>

Full Moon Party - End of Year For all you crazy party students, you don't want to snooze on this event by the Montreal Exchange Collective at Lamouche! I mean who doesn't love a NEON party?! Bring all your neonglasses, bring them glow sticks, glow paint that face of yours and wear your flashiest attire AND get ready to get Bangkok dirty under the black lights and crazy music. View event>

HEC Fashion Show 2014 For you fashionistas in Montreal. The yearly HEC fashion shows are always AMAZING and this year they have truly been working on something EXTRAORDINARY. Prepare to be amazed and surprised - a show you won't forget! Trust. View event>

Art House at Velvet is looking like a good place to be tonight! Go and get a dose of that trap music. Music provided by Ryan Playground. View event>

LUNGevity Masquerade Party A must check out event happening at Wave Complex Dompark tonight. Open bar, great food, live Dj, great performances and - the best part - it's for a great cause! All proceeds go to Lung Cancer research at the Jewish General Hospital. Eye Religion, an awesome new Montreal based eyewear boutique, is sponsoring this event and they have a big surprise in store for this event. You don't want miss this! View event>

Friday, April 4th

La Porte Rouge's FUNKtastique Fridays It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Some girl once said that...what was her name again? Anyway. Come party with us at our usual spot, always a CRAZY night guaranteed. Are you ready for this? View event>

The Underachievers Live At Cabaret Underworld Hey hip hop heads, if you don't already know this group, you're missing out and have to catch up. If you do, then you probably already have your ticket. See you there! View event>

Soirée De Lancement Du Projet ALAIN It wil be a creative and fun night at B1 Bar this Friday. A variety of performances for you to enjoy! There will be DJs, performances and visuals with the theme of Art and Freestyle. Love it! View event>

MUS Presents : GLOW Feat. TJR at Le Theatre Telus After the Chainsmokers event, there is NO denying that McGill's MUS are crazy PARTY ANIMALS. If you were there, YOU KNOW, and if you weren't, here's your chance to find out. Are you ready?! This time they are having a GLOW Party and the event is also open to the public now. This night will be EPIC. View event>

Saturday, April 5th

1st Anniversary of B1 Bar : 1 Year of Renovations After all that renovating, it's time to celebrate...with a construction themed night! Just the sound of that is fun. So, put on that construction hat and head to B1. View event>

Loftapalooza Concordia Men’s Lacrosse is throwing an epic party this Saturday at Espace des Arts and...wait for's OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT. Yes, you read that right. Do we even need to say more?! View event>

The GZA Live Concert Rap fans know where it's at this Saturday, had out to Cabaret Underworld this for WU TANG's GZA's concert! Liquid swords ish. A classic. Be there or be square. Also, the ticket includes a lecture at McGill (check out the event page for more details). View event>

Oh, and while you're out there, smile for our cameras! We'll be at most of these events. CHEESE!

What are you doing this week-end? 

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