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The Montreal Week-Ender: Dec. 5th - 8th 2013

Get your ass off your damn couch and do these things.
The Montreal Week-Ender: Dec. 5th - 8th 2013

Cover photo cred - Karel Chladek

Did you think December meant staying in and sipping on bourbon? Wrong. When it starts to freeze over outside, we raise the party temperature on the inside, and this week's jam-packed for your benefit.

Thursday, Dec 5

NYC's DieselBoy and Kytami will be ripping up Cabaret Underworld together this Thursday to start your weekend off right with a heavy dose of bass, some inspired by The Walking Dead, for you zombie lovers. view event>

All winter sports need an afterparty component, so shed those snowsuit layers and head on over to L'ecurie's After-Ski Thursdays for some drinks to unwind those sore muscles. view event>

Friday, Dec 6

Amnesia's Shack Attack 2013 starts Friday, bringing you the best of competitive urban snowboarding and freeski. These moves are not to be missed! view event>

Finish off Amnesia's Shack Attack with the Afterparty at L'Abreuvoir, starting 10.30, to continue the exhilaration. view event>

La Porte Rouge's FUNKtastique Fridays. Enough said. view event>

Vendredi On S'Lâche Lousse at Lobby Bar is getting to be a regular, so make yourself a regular body at the party and just let go! view event>

Saturday, Dec 7

The second Amnesia Shack Attack after party is gonna be at TRH Bar, where you can swap watching snowboarders for watching skateboarders. WIN. view event>

Get your Acid Crunk and Grime dose at Le Belmont with Heads Up Featuring Eprom + Grenier + Construct + Wally + Living Stone. Gotta broaden your musical horizon. view event>

Hip Hop Art Show featuring The Paragon Collection is gonna be at En Cachette, celebrating their hip hop artists. They'll also be providing free wine and tapas. view event>

Sunday, Dec 8

It's En Route Vers Heavy MTL, and it's going to bring together in concert a mix of varied heavy styles at Katacombes. view event>

Battlewar 15 is taking it up a few notches, bringing you a holiday themed triple main event! It's going to be brutal, as always. view event>

Underworld's got your dose of shows upped this weekend, and it's second big event is going to be Sworn In + Kennedy + Lay Waste + Pandora’s Wake + Grave Of Disgrace + Lost Creation. view event>

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