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The Montreal Week-Ender: Feb. 20th – Feb. 22nd

Let the weekend begin again!
The Montreal Week-Ender: Feb. 20th – Feb. 22nd

This wonderful city always has something going on for you guys...and this week-end is the beginning of Montreal en Lumière!! One of the largest winter festivals in the world gathering about 9000,000 people a year. We just can't stop - won't stop having fun here. There are tons of activities to explore from music, food, arts and culture, or even just outdoor fun. If you are not sure what to do, lucky for you we have already broken down the top 10 things to do here. Well, the "Nuit Blanche" isn't until next week and we love to stay up all night. So, no worries, here's a few suggestions that will definitely light up your week-end right:

Thursday, Feb. 20th

Spend a laid back chill night at Korova Bar with some jammin' Motown, Rock and Soul- always a good time! 5$ pints!! Bring some change, when you'll have enough to drink, you'll end up in that photo booth. Trust. DJ Earl grey tonight. View event>

Tokyo thursdays! Always dope music, excessive alcohol, but no regrets. View event>

For those who wanna, excuse the expression, "turn up". Definitely Apt. 200 is the place to be. Great place, great people, great music and great drinks (for the love of god get that massive Hoegaarden). It's always a good time there. View event>

Friday, Feb. 21st

In the wise words of Lipps Inc. : won't you take me to...Funkytown! You gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it. Do your friends a favor and take them out to our usual FUNKtastique Fridays at La Porte Rouge! Always fun. View event>

We love going to Blue Dog! That chill and laid back bar/club feel. This Friday is Sex Music February edition, things will definitely be going down. DJ AlexHQ has some sick beats that will get yo sexy body moving all night. For those who arrive early (before 11:30) get a Sleeman for 2$ !! No cover here too - loooove it. View event>

While you're there, why not double your fun and pass by next door (literally - it's the door to your right) at Blizzarts?! A classic, Get Nice Fridays! The best hip hop and R&B playing for you with Simahlak. View event>

Uh-Oh, sounds like trouble... It's Rage Carnaval Vol.2 this Friday at Foufounes Électriques! It'll be a rage cage in there with the DJs mixing up some crazy rap, trap, dub step mashups!! Our locals Vilify, Ragers and Rooots on the turntables. You don't want to miss it!! View event>

For those of you who like to get dressed to impressed. That glamorous, glamorous. Head out to 2108 Club Terrace on St-Laurent for Tinder Fridays!! Lots of beautiful ladies and good lookin' gentlemen, you might just find love on the dance floor. View event>

Saturday, Feb. 22nd

Who said you can't go out and exercise at the same time!? Le Salon Daomé proved that wrong!! Once you get in there, you won't be able to stop...and you'll bust moves you never knew you knew. House music does that to you. DJ Peter Anthony and Roux Soundsystem this Saturday. View event>

Head out to En Cachette for you hip hop and rap lovers! Shout out the lyrics and dance to your favorite jams. This little hidden gem will surprise you if you've never been, and if you have well you know what we mean. Always a great time on saturdays there! View event>

In the spirit of Kanye's visit and Montreal En Lumière...

How are you lighting up your week-end Montreal? 

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