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The Montreal Week-Ender: July 17th – July 20th

Week-end = Party!
The Montreal Week-Ender: July 17th – July 20th

Photo Cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, we have a beach, the just for laughs are on right now and a bunch of cool parties all around the city. You don't want to stay home and do nothing and we gathered up all the cool parties and events to go to this week-end. Come out and party with us. Here is where to go;

Thursday, July 17th

How about a 5à7, or should we say; 5 à Sangria at Le Saint Edouard to start off your week-end well? Great to go kick it after work with some colleagues. View event>

Like last week, there will be Cheeseburgers for Charity at Rosalie's. If you are feeling hungry, you know where to head. View event>

Do you think you have the nicest and flyest kicks in town? Go to the Sneaker Masquerade at Wunderbar and show them what you got. View event>

You can hang out at Place Des Arts for Melting Pot with Josh Wink, ROUX Soundsystem, Nymra & Sofisticated. They will make you vibe out. View event>

Do you know about J Dilla? If you don't you should! Check out the Welcome to Dillaville Tour with Slum Village and The Pharcyde at Cabaret Underworld. This will be great and you don't want to miss it. View event>

Check out Slum Village's video below;

You can then end your night at MELT019 at Blizzarts. This week's guest is Louie P of The Celestics. We can guarantee you will have fun. View event>

Friday, July 18th

Can't get enough of MELT? Great, go to MELT Beach Extravaganza at La Plage de l'Horloge. Two bars, great music, an amazing view, what else do you need? View event>

Head to Jackalope at the Olympic Park if you're a skateboard freak. This will be on until Sunday. There will be competitions and prizes to win. View event>

What better than to celebrate an event at an after party? Jackalope's After Party will be at TRH-Bar so don't leave your skateboards at home! View event>

If your thing is dance/techno check out Mark Knight – DSTKRT Fridays at New City Gas. Be ready to dance all night long! View event>

Listen to Mark Knight's track mix below;

Saturday, July 19th

You have to gather with your friends and go to Soirée Performances #6 at Village Éphémère This will be a special evening with all sorts of artistic acts going on. It's also perfect for the view on the fireworks. View event>

There will be a Brooklyn Block Party at Le Bleury Bar à Vinyl. They will be cooking homemade Jamaican style BBQ in the back terrasse, if you want a taste. View event>

Want to vibe out to trap and rap? Go to Sensei Cypher 002 With Tommy Kruise, Ryan Playground & Cuft at Blue Dog.View event>

Listen to this track produced by Tommy Kruise;

Sunday, July 20th

Sunday means Piknic Electronik at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Do we really need to tell you the type of fun you would have if you go? View event>

Oh yeah, Tokyo Bar Sundays is the place to go to end your week-end strong. The best jams are always played by Goontribe. View event>


Here is something that is happening next week-end but we are telling you now so you have time to plan ahead. Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival – Synchronicity 2014 is going down at Awacamenj Mino camp, just a couple of hours outside of Montreal from July 25th to July 28th. This 4 day outdoor festival will leave you with such mind- blowing memories that you may not even want to go home. Join the fun with us and purchase your tickets before they sell out.View event>

Check out their promo video below;

Montreal, where will you party?!

Didn't mention your event? Let Marialys know on Twitter @MarialysDiaz

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