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The Montreal Week-Ender: June 12th – June 15th

More Festivals, More Party!
The Montreal Week-Ender: June 12th – June 15th

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, are you ready for one helluva week end? One festival ends and there goes another one that begins. Grand Prix was great but now MURAL fest, Beer fest and the FIFA world cup saga are taking over. Don't you worry fellow Montrealers, every hot spot you should be at we got them covered. Here's what's hot this week end.

Thursday, June 12th

The FIFA World Cup started and you cannot miss out on it. Even if you don't like soccer, just go for the ambiance and celebration of the World Cup at Rosalie.View event>

Then, you can pass by the beer fest, Mondial de la Bière at The Palais des Congrès de Montreal and have a beer if your team won, or have a cold one to ease the pain if your team lost! View event>

You definitely want to go on the Maine and check out the MURAL fest that will be on going until Sunday. Plus, there's the Block Party presented by MEG & MURAL. Oh, and if you party outdoors during winter for Igloofest, you can definitely party in the rain. No excuses people! View event>

You can continue the party with MURAL's Opening party at The SAT. Go celebrate with MURAL'S team to the sounds of Dusky, Jay London and Zubi. View event>

Listen to this track by Dusky;

As the MURAL fest is taking over the city this week, you can expect a lot of MURAL parties. Here's another one for you MURAL's Paint Jam at Le Belmont. This will definitely be a fun event with live body painting and music of all genres. View event>

Here's another very interesting event you might want to check out; Le Marketfest Montreal at 3643 St. Laurent App.200. We say, interesting because there will be 3D printed installations, inteactive displays and last but not least, a DJ set by LUNICE. View event>

Friday, June 13th

You might want to stay indoors because it's Friday the 13th and something bad might happen. Ha! Just kidding!

There's Gravity; Concert, Party and Rides at La Ronde. Go party with Aaron Carter, Karl Wolf and others. View event>

Then, of course, a Block Party presented by SaintWoods & MURAL. This will definitely be a must. With sounds by Nick Wisdom, Louie P, Da-P and more, we can guarantee you will enjoy it. View event>

Listen to this track by Nick Wisdom;

We cannot go by a Friday without telling you about FUNKtastique Fridays at La Porte Rouge. Montreal's sexiest crowd gathers there and parties like there was no tomorrow! View event>

Saturday, June 14st

There is the following event; Strangers in the Night 10 at Fairview Shopping Center. It's a gourmet gala with red carpet and everything! View event>

The long awaited Block Party presented by Osheaga & MURAL is finally arriving! You definitely don't want to miss out on this. Get out and party to the sounds of The Underachievers, Shash'U, The Posterz, No Kliché and more. View event>

Check out this video of Osheaga X MURAL Block Party 2013

If you are feeling sexy, go dance to Sex Music at Blue Dog. It gets very rowdy and wild! View event>

One more party you might want to check out is the MPU: Danger Alley at Le Belmont. Just by the name you can tell this will get crazy. View event>

There will be a Full Moon Party at TRH-Bar. This will be crazy and the place will be turnt upside down because that's how it goes down at TRH-Bar, no jokes! View event>

Sunday, June 15th

You already know where to find us on Sundays! If you don't, it's at Piknic Électronik at Parc Jean Drapeau! We will dance to the sounds by Anoma, Masomenos, Ohm Hourani and more. View event>

For the reggae lovers, the son of the the legend and beloved Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley will be at Olympia. Go satisfy your soul with some reggae. View event>

The art fest that is taking over the city and boulevard Saint-Laurent will come to an end and MURAL's Closing Party at 3643 St.Laurent App.200 is not to be missed! Great DJ's will be spinning; Paul Wall, Simahlak, Ryan Playground and Grandbuda. We can guarantee you will be dancing all night! View event>

Listen to this track by Grandbuda;

There will be another party, Rising Son Series at Muzique. Domeno will have you moving until you will be asked to leave. View event>

Last but not the least, another of our favorite spots, Tokyo Bar Sundays. Goontribe always delivers and fun is always at the rendez-vous. View event>

Montreal, what's it gonna be?!

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