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The Montreal Week-Ender: June 19th – June 22nd

Another weekend, Another party!
The Montreal Week-Ender: June 19th – June 22nd

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

What's up party people? Last weekend you partied four days straight during the MURAL fest and your feet couldn't take it no more? We did too and we were dead by the end. But hey, that's no excuse not to party hard this weekend! Are you ready for another epic one? Hot spots and cool places, we got them all covered! Montreal, here is where you should be to party;

First of all, the FIFA world cup is on and there is always a celebration going on at pretty much every bar showing the games. Go there!

Thursday, June 19th

You should check out, Kongossa on Social Innovation at ECTO. It's an interesting event on how to solve social issues through the use of technology. A concert will be on towards the end. View event>

If you want to be in a circus atmosphere, there's Bohemia: Burlesque and Circus Cabaret at Bain Mathieu. Be assured to be entertained by all sorts of acts! View event>

Check out this video;

You can always count on the MELT crew if you feel like getting funky. Check out MELT015 at Blizzarts.View event>

There is another great night happening; PIPO Thursday with Noo-Bap at Salon Officiel.View event>

Listen to this track by The Celestics (Pipo & Kaytranada);

Friday, June 20th

Lunch at a parc with music and sun? Check out the Lunch Beat Montréal 7 at Parc Des Amériques. Poirier will play your favorite tunes! View event>

Listen to this track by Poirier;

If you want to get rowdy and literally dance all night long, you have to go to Get Nice at Blizzarts. Get Nice and maybe you can Get Lucky! View event>

You know we can't go by Friday and not mention FUNKtastique Fridays at La Porte Rouge. Go join the party with Montreal's sexiest party crowd! View event>

Saturday, June 21st

How about starting your Saturday night with a concert? Maroon 5 will be performing at Centre de la Nature de Laval and you can be assured no to be disappointed. View event>

Listen to their hit song;

You can continue your night with lots of laughter. There is Committed Comedy at Pinq Taco. It's the first edition of this new monthly event and they prepared a banger. View event>

M-Montrel second year anniversary. They prepared an awesome huge party with a lot of giveaways! This will be perfect to go and get drunk wasted as they'll have 2$ shots! View event>

There will be a Full Moon Party at Clébard and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. With a beach setting on their terasse, you will get free shots if you show up in your swimsuit! View event>

Sunday, June 22nd

We don't need to tell you where to look to find us on a Sunday but we will still say it. Piknic Électronik at Parc Jean Drapeau!View event

If you want to end your weekend dancing to house music, you want to check out Kryder at Muzique.View event>

If all else fails, you know Tokyo Bar Sundays never will. Goontribe always makes sure of that! View event>

So Montreal, where will you party at?!

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