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The Montreal Week-Ender: June 26th – June 29th

Hello Weekend, Let's Party!
The Montreal Week-Ender: June 26th – June 29th

Photo cred - Portraits of Montreal

Montreal, what's up? Your week is just about to get better as the sunshine and the weekend are here! The Jazz fest started, the second round of the FIFA World Cup is about to start too, and all it means is that beer and drinks will be needed! If your not into the Jazz fest neither soccer, don't worry, we got this handled. We once again, we gathered the best places for you to chill, party and have a great time. Here they are;

Thursday, June 26th

The Montreal Jazz Fest 2014 launches today and the opening event is Woodkid at Quartier Des Spectacles. This will be huge and you don't want to miss it. View event>

Look and listen to Woodkid's hit song;

For a night of dance to some indie rock, check out Festival FAST – Beat Sexü at the Sporting Club. For sure this will be a great and fun event. View event

MELT016 at Blizzarts is becoming one of our favourite events on Thursdays. Only go if you want to get funked up! Many excessively talented artists will be there tonight; POMO, Nick Wisdom and Charles Cozy just to name a few! View event

Listen to this track by POMO;

PIPO Thursday at Salon Officiel has been taking over too. Tonight, he will be alongside Dr.Mad. You definitely want to check it out if you're looking for a -I just want to dance even if the world is falling apart- type of night. View event>

Friday, June 27th

Are you a beer person? Don't miss the Grolsch Pop Party at Nacho Libre, if you are. There will be a raffle for a super cool bike. View event>

If you want to get rowdy and literally party with NO PANTS on, go to the No Pants Party at Apollon. We can only imagine how crazy this party will be. View event>

FUNKtastique Fridays at La Porte Rouge is the place where you forget you have a job and anything else you don't like to think about. View event>

If all these awesome parties are not enough for you, you can take a little trip to attend a two day party; Electric Getaway: Paris & Simo Live at Mont-Tremblant.View event>

Listen to this mix by Paris & Simo;

Saturday, June 28th

Have you ever been to a russian party? We have and they really know how to. Here's your chance to experience it with the Russian Party At Restaurant CinecittaView event>

Car lovers should make their way to Eurocracy at Napierville Dragway. The latest software, hardware and anything car related will be displayed. View event>

There will be an early Canada day party with Dj Wristpect at Muzique. He will be taking over and you can be assured to have a dancing and fun night. View event>

Check out this video of how it goes down at Muzique;

Ladies of Ink at TRH-Bar will be a fundraising event for the the Breast Cancer Foundation. Female tattoo artist will be selling their art pieces for the cause. View event>

Sunday, June 29th

Summer Sundays should be renamed to Piknic Électronik days. Yeah, that is where to find us. This time we will have a Barcelona edition of Picnik Électronik at Parc Jean Drapeau. View event>

Listen to Pfreud's short EP;

Tired of the fake? Truspin, Simahlak and Hillel will Keep it 100 at Mme. Lee. Grab a bite and then dance all night. View event>

Once again, we will be at Tokyo Bar Sundays because we are never disapointed when we go there. Join us for this party as we dance to Goontribe's best sounds. View event>

Montreal, where is it you are going to be at?!

We forgot your event? Let Marialys know on Twitter @MarialysDiaz

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