The Montreal Week-Ender: March 13th – March 15th

St-Patrick's Day takes over the city.
The Montreal Week-Ender: March 13th – March 15th

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We got a last taste of snow yesterday with that storm! Hopefully, Winter gave all it's got left and that was the last of it... which would mean Spring is right around the corner. Yeah, that's definitely a reason to celebrate this weekend (In Montreal, anything and everything is a good reason to celebrate - never forget that). Don't let the winter blues get to you, get out there and have some fun. You deserve it. As usual, we have tons of suggestions for you to heat up your weekend:

Thursday, March 13th

I don't think you're ready to dance the night away to some funky deep house and techno. Limbo productions is presenting IPANEMA tonight at HABITAT - Montreal's newest hiddent gem on de la Montagne. Their sound system was build for dance ecstacy, you won't be able to resist grooving. View event>

No Kliché will be on the ones and twos at Velvet tonight giving us a taste of his twisted yet genius music to groove to all night! Along side Ryan Playground and Gabe 'Nandez. Best Montreal flavors. View event>

Are you feeling a more laid-back chill good time? Head to Korova bar on Saint-Laurent some great Motown/Rock/Soul playing for you. Always a good time here. View event>

More in a college party mood? Tokyo Thursdays. Good music, all night. Fun people, plenty. Great drinks, in abundance. Regrets, none! View event>

Friday, March 14th

Celebrate St-Patrick's day early this Friday, head to Espace des Arts for Angry Panda...It'll be a crazy animal house/loft party feel. You should even start your early celebration early by catching the OPEN BAR before 12AM! View event>

Get ready to feel good and move that sexy body. It's the March edition of Sex Music at Blue Dog and amazing music will be playing that will get you in the zone - no doubt. There will also be specials on drinks! View event>

SD of Chief Keef's GBE is here In Montreal at Cabaret Underworld this Friday, get ready to vibe and bob your head left to right non-stop to some good rap music. View event>

For you live music lovers...Have you ever seen Kalmunity?! Live 100% improvisation Montreal band that plays a mix of jazz, hip hop, reggae and poetry slam. If you have never seen this group, you are definitely MISSING OUT. Check them out this Friday at the Phi Centre an awesome art gallery/venue . View event>

In the wise words of the forgotten Rebecca Black : "It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday." Make it a FUNKTastique one at our usual spot La Porte Rouge! Never disappointed. View event>

Saturday, March 15th

Are you a PISCES?! If so, Clébard has a celebration just for you birthday babies this Saturday. They event have gifts for you! We love this place. Nice ambiance and great times. View event>

Crazy event this Saturday for the techno and minimal lovers. BAKERMAT at Club Soda!! Along side Synapson and Androma. This will be insane, not to be missed. View event>

Keep partying until daylight at Stereo afterhours. Chus and Ceballos will be keeping providing that energy for you to dance to ALL night! View event>

For those club loving peeps, it's always a good time at MUZIQUE! Always a FUN time, crazy crowd and great dance music. View event>

What are you doing this week-end Montreal? 

With 2017 right around the corner, it's time to end 2016 off with a BANG! To do so, why not head out to some places in Montreal where you can eat, drink, and socialise with new people. It's time to party up and make what's left of 2016 great!

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Popular nightclub Muzique has been in some seriously hot water this past week, after Michael Duchard was shot right outside of the club on the corner of Roy and Saint Laurent last Thursday. The assault is likely linked to gang violence.

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Friends, what's the best thing about Montreal? The awesome food? The amazing culture? The beautiful people? Yes, yes, and yes. Pretty much everything about Montreal is great. But one of my personal faves about this city? You can have a lot of fun - for free. That's right. There are certain awesome events in this city that won't break your wallet, but will definitely break that boredom streak. Don't believe me? Well, you should, friends. Read on for 40 FREE Things To Do This March 2016 In Montreal.

1. If the winter blues have hit you full force, check out this meditation workshop on March 7.

2. If gaming is your jam, then check out this game showcase, March 3.

3. And don't forget that you have until March 5 to experience Montreal En Lumiere.

4. If you're an artist at heart (heartist?), check out this free vernissage, opening on on March 5.

5. Or stroll down to Concordia University for an "Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon."

6. Get your party on every Wednesday at Le Belmont's Bass Drive Wednesdays, free before 11:00.

7. Or if you're more of a trivia buff, check out Blue Dog's Trivia Tuesdays.

8. Prepare your liver for St. Patrick's Day by swearing off alcohol until March 17.

9. Crack immediately and reach for the bottle of emergency wine you keep in your closet.

10. Check out this sunset concert at Concordia University's Greenhouse on March 9.

11. Or get yourself to McGill University for their monthly Public Astro Night on March 24.

12. From March 18 - 20, attend this free Montreal Maple Syrup Festival.

13. On March 14, eat that leftover slice of pie you've been saving for exactly this occasion.

14. And don't forget to give yourself a huge high-5 for knowing exactly why you should be eating pie on March 14.

15. Celebrate the month of the Pisces in style at Clebard's Pisces Birthday on March 11, featuring free admission.

16. If you're a student, make the most of your reading week by chilling in bed and catching Fuller House on Netflix.

17. If you're not a student, watch Fuller House on Netflix anyway. (Is anyone else as excited for this as I am?)

18. On March 1, check out this poetry reading session at Resonance Cafe.

19. Or, if you're feeling musical, catch Matt Lazenby & The Constant Supervision at Grumpy's on March 5.

20. Stroll down to Les Cours Mont-Royal and check out their Barbie exhibition, basically whenever.

21. Check out Concordia's Art Matters art festival, running throughout the month of March.

22. Or walk through Montreal's underground city and catch the Art Souterrain exhibitions, until March 20.

23. If you're looking to make it in the business world, check out this startup seminar on March 16.

24. On March 12, check out the Nordicité Symposium at Concordia University.

25. Or Media @ McGill's "Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere" colloquium on March 18 - 19.

26. On March 20, do a happy dance; it's the official first day of spring.

27. And don't forget to get into Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts for free on March 26.

28. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by attending Montreal's St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 20. Wear something green, obvs.

29. If you're down for some major nostalgia, check out the second edition of Le Ritz PDB'S SNES + NES Night on March 9.

30. March 8 is International Women's Day, so give your favourite woman a hug.

31. On March 2, check out the "Dissections: Imagine Brazil" talk at the Phi Centre.

32. And while you're at it, check out their Virtual Reality Garden, until March 31.

33. Stick to your New Years Resolution and go for a springtime jog around your block.

34. Or get yourself to Boisbriand for a semi-private training session on March 3.

35. If you're more of a yoga person, check out Lole St. Catherine's free "hatha flow yoga" session on March 23.

36. Or check out their "Thai massage-yoga" class on March 13.

37. If you're down to listen to some jazz, check out Upstairs Bar's Concordia University jam sessions throughout March.

38. Or get to their Latin Jazz Night, free after 10 PM, on March 6 and 20.

39. Learn about Canadian architecture at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, free admission after 5:30 on Thursdays.

40. And don't forget to spring yourself forward by an hour on March 13.

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