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The Montreal Week-Ender: March 20th – March 22nd

Spring is here! Make this weekend a happy one.
The Montreal Week-Ender: March 20th – March 22nd

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Hey Montreal, what's up? Well, let me tell you what should be up... it's your mood! Today, March 20th, is the international day of HAPPINESS!! Not only that, today is also THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! We don't know about you guys but, here at MTL Blog, we are pretty gleeful, merry, cheerful, jolly and ben de bonne humeur. It's a double celebration. Everyone deserves to be happy especially on this special day. Yes, everyone - Yes, even Pauline Marois. So, AWAYE let loose guys and treat yourself to some Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine and Gherlin! Wait...Why should it only be one day? Let's make it a whole weekend. How are you spreading the joy this weekend Montreal? As always, we got you covered on where it's happening:

Thursday, March 20th

You definitely cannot miss out on the BIGGEST International Students Party in Canada: Rep Your Flag Festival at New City Gas tonight! Interstude Dream Team's huge event will be EPIC without a doubt. I mean, come on. EDM music and over 3,000 international students partying as hard as they can? This can be nothing less than AMAZING. Don't snooze on this one. View event>

Ivy Night Club has something a bit different than usual tonight: Sprëe Factory X Paolo Rocco! Go and get a taste of Montreal's finest underground house DJs! There will be loads of dancing, drinking and upbeat vibes there! You definitely want to get your dose of "beatamins" here before starting off this happy weekend. View event>

Why not see some of the BEST street art Montreal has to offer before heading out tonight? Station16 on Saint-Laurent is having celebrating En Masse's 5th anniversary and the opening of their newest exposition called Full Circle. A whole new body of work including paintings, prints and sculptures. Also, the En Masse team will also work directly on the walls of the gallery! Having fun and being cheerful doesn't only come from partying! View event>

Friday, March 21st

It's here.... RAGE CARNIVAL VOL. 3 at Foufounes Électriques!! This edition features Montreal's hottest artists such as High Klassified, Shash’U, Ragers 666 and Grandbuda. Really don't think we need to add more to this. This event pretty much screams EPICNESS. See you guys there! View event>

A good show this Friday at Cabaret Underworld! Catch G-Eazy along side Rockie Fresh. Some good head bobbin' and drink sippin' on some great rap music - always a great time. Especially with the dope crowds during shows at that venue, yep, good times guaranteed. View event>

Let us take you to FUNKAY town this Friday at La Porte Rouge's FUNKtastique Fridays! This is our usual spot and we are loving it more and more. Always the most upbeat ambiance, great crowd, super staff and groovy music all night long. View event>

Saturday, March 22th

Since we're all in such a good mood, why not hit Le Confessionnal this Saturday and throw away all those sins. A wonderful place with the best of both worlds, you can just lay back and have a drink or get your grove on and dance the night away. Always a distinguished and fun ambiance at this spot. View event>

For some great hip hop, rap and reggae catch one DJ Simahlak at Moonshine Saturdays at En Cachette. With this dude on the ones and twos, its definitely going to be a fun night! Trust. View event>

Did you just want to take it easy this weekend? Why not try a new spot? Big in Japan on Saint-Laurent is one of the coolest speakeasy bars you can go to ever. It's the black door right next to Patati Patata, there's no sign - it's just that cool. A very jazzy ambiance where you can have a nice conversation. Amazing deco. Try it out. View event>

Whatever you guys choose to do this weekend, we hope it makes you...HAPPY. Have a nice weekend guys!

What are you doing this week-end Montreal? 

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