The Montreal Week-Ender: March 27th – March 29th

You're not ready for this.
The Montreal Week-Ender: March 27th – March 29th

Why hello again week-end fun, we thought you would never come! Spring has officially begun but still hasn't sprung. Anytime now Spring, anytime... We'll you know what they say: "Good things come to those to wait" which would mean that when it decides to come - it'll be EPIC. We all know that it's worth the wait. So in the mean time guys, put on that coat or that really cool MTL Blog tuque...and head out because there's LOADS to do this weekend! Ain't nobody got time for moping around about the weather. Besides, you should know by now, Montreal knows how to keep things heated up even in the coldest nights. As usual, we got you covered on where it's happening:

Thursday, March 27th

RAC's Strangers tour at the Corona Theatre  The american music group RAC (Remix Artist Collective) create re-interpretative electro/funk/rock/dance/indie remixes of a diversity of popular songs. They don't just play the songs...they perform them as a live band! This is something you DEFINITELY a show don't want to miss. They just released their first album called Strangers and are about to BLOW UP. (It's a really decent price too) View event>

Come Away With Me – 11th Annual Fashion Show CASA Cares will be presenting a hell of a fashion show tonight at Arena. An opportunity to get a glimpse of the hottest styles from Europe while giving back to the community at the same time. Proceeds will be going to the the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. DJs Vilify and Franco Caruso will be providing that good music for you as well. View event>

Citizogic at Cabaret Underworld Have a taste of Montreal's most talented and finest underground DJs and producers. You won't regret this one. View event>

Friday, March 28th

La Porte Rouge's FUNKtastique Fridays Oh yeah, oh yeah, TGIF! Thank God It's Funktastique! Our usual spot. For you party animals, this is the place to be. What happens at behind La Porte Rouge, stays behind La Porte Rouge. View event>

Rococo You guys DEFINITELY do NOT want to miss this unique event at l'Espace des Arts. An experiment that will last 5 hours. There will be a dozen of artists performing simultaneously at this live EDM event! By artists, we mean painters, visual artist, CIRCUS PERFORMERS, DJs, etc!! When will you have another opportunity like this one? GO. View event>

Soirée Doozy at B1 Bar For you chill hip-hop, trip hop and trap fans! This Friday you must head to this event. You'll have KenLo Cranuques, Thomas White, Dear Lola, Rooots, BLVDR and Samuel Villagomez spinning the sickest beats for y'all. BEAST, trust. You'll be feeling the music and bobbin' your head all night. View event>

Snap Shots Party head to Blue Dog and hit that dance floor. Get a free shot with entry until they run out! View event>

Saturday, March 29th

Miley Cyrus at the Bell Centre Stick your tongue out and do weird things because Smiley Miley is in town! There's no doubt that her show will be SOMETHING. We're totally down for this. La la la da di - we love to party. View event>

Hey Sugar the band will be having their release party at Cabaret Underworld this Saturday. Some great rock and roll!

The Celestics Hit Le Belmont this Saturday. The two brothers, Pipo and Kaytranada, formed a group called The Celestics and this is their introduction event. Well, we don't think there's anything we need to add to that. Do you really want to miss this? There will also be a variety of montreal based sick artists such as Noo Bap, Shash'U and GrandBuda. A MOTO Made event. View event>

Nuit De Ninja Calling out to all Montreal ninjas, we have a meeting at Nacho Libre this Saturday. Please don't forget - they have a special on Sapporo beer. View event>

Dirt at B1 Bar You know it'll be a crazy night when Ragers with FCKTHT x Durango x Bones are at the same event. Also, if you've never been to B1. What exactly are you waiting for?! The perfect place to study the science of drinks and partay-ying. View event>

Oh, and while you're out there, smile for our cameras! We'll be at most of these events. CHEESE!

What are you doing this week-end? 

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