The Montreal Week-Ender: March 5th - March 8th

Time to let loose, you deserve it.
The Montreal Week-Ender: March 5th - March 8th

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WOOHOO! So, we know many of you have been suffering through midterm stress recently or just those end of the month bills. Good news guys, you've reached that light at the end of the tunnel - the WEEKEND has finally arrived! It's time to rejoin society for awhile. You know what they say; "If it's a success - you DESERVE a drink. If it's a failure - you NEED a drink". Whether you're a student, a full-time worker or whatever it maybe; you deserve to have some fun and forget your everyday routine. Good thing for you, you live in the best city for that. We have tons of suggestion for you as usual:

Thursday, March 6th

Start your weekend smoothly with a 5 à 7 at Boutique Oxford for the launching of their spring-summer 2014 of Gourmet Footwear. There will be DJ Proceed, good drinks, great clothing, and... a photobooth! View event>

Do you only rock with chicks that wear Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce & Gabbana?! That's right....RiFF RaFF at Cabaret Underworld!! Along side Tommy Kruize and Mayday! You don't want to miss this, it'll be sick without a doubt. View event>

Pass by Le Salon Officiel for some electro, some funk and some hip hop. Every Thursday it's TurboCrades! View event>

Wanna keep going even afterhours?! The Chainsmokers will be at Stereo for their #SELFIE tour. A bit different from what Stereo usually has - you definitely wanna go. Upbeats and bass dropping! View event>

Friday, March 7th

TGIF clearly means "Thank God it's FUNKTAStique Friday"!! Our usual spot to hang out and have fun at La Porte rouge. Fun people, good drinks and great music. Never disappointed. View event>

Are you feeling chic and classy this week-end? Want to get dresssed to impress? Head out to 2108 Club Terrace for I love Tinder Fridays. An amazing crowd, great drinks and fabulous music. A fun time is always waiting for you here. View event>

Get your flashiest outfits ready for Fluo Madness presented by Horsnorme at Apollon! Glowsitcks provided and a crazy night guaranteed. View event>

To all our university people, who will be representing your school at the Red Bull Play & Destroy DJ Battle contest presented by Enactus Concordia?! Who will take the prize...UdeM, HEC, UQAM, ESG, Desautels, McGill, JMSB and Concordia? You don't want to miss this event at le Belmont, it has epicness written all over it. View event>

I say a hip, hop, a hippy-hop you can't stop. Head to Nacho Libre to hear some good old classic jams. Tribe Called Quest, Grand Master Flex, Biggie, De la Soul, Ice Cube, etc. Need we say more? View event>

For the electronic folks, RAW Moments 2 at HABITAT. A fairly new amazing place on de la Montagne you have to try out. Especially for this event, you'll fall in love. Paolo Rocco and Jay London will be on the ones and twos. View event>

Saturday, March 8th

The Brazilian Carnaval will be in town at Le Bleury-Bar à Vinyl. Nico Beki & Band are going to play classics Marchinhas stype of music to give you a real feel of the carnavals in Brazil back in the days...and keep you dancing. View event>

The best vibes to get your groove on are at Le Salon Daomé. This little hidden gem on Mont-Royal will deliver the best house, deep-house, minimal and funk. Try it out this Saturday, you'll wonder why you've never discovered it sooner. (Try their special flamed apple shot). View event>

Head to En Cachette Moonshine Saturdays so you can dance and shout the lyrics to your favorite rap, reggae and hip hop jams! Drunk in Love and all that. You can definitely get your Beyonce on here. Surfboard, surfboard, surfboard, grinding on that, grinding on that. View event>

What are you doing this week-end Montreal? 

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