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The Montreal Week-Ender: May 29th – June 1st

It's no longer winter, GO OUT!!!
The Montreal Week-Ender: May 29th – June 1st

Photo cred -  Experience Vieux Montreal

So you think because we've had couple of "sort of" cold days, you're not going to party? It's "sort of" cold and you're still going to work! There are no excuses not to party around here. Put on a light jacket, that you probably won't need anyways, and party with us. We didn't come up with this list for nothing, right? This week's hot spots are waiting for you, here's where you should go;

Thursday, May 29th

There's the Chromatic Block Party at Espace MASSIVart. Presented by MURAL and SaintWoods, there will be arcades, a BBQ, live art and DJ's. It's from 2pm to 7pm. This will be great and you want to go. It will put you in the summer spirit. See you there! View event>

Then, go to a bar or go home and watch the game! Go Habs Go!

There is MELT012 at Blizzarts. Want to dance all night to some ear candy by Nick Wisdom and others? This is the place to go. View event>

Check out Nick Wisdom's track below

The Mutek Festival is going on and Richie Hawtin will be at the Metropolis. If you're into experimental music, this will definitely interest you. View event>

Friday, May 30th

For a relax/laid back type of night, check out Cris Derksen, Kristin Lane Sinclair and Laure Ortman at Café Aléatoire. The cello and the beats will mesmerize you. View event>

There's Chromatic's Closing Event at Espace MASSIVart. Espace MASSIVart is a great party host and Chromatic gave so many great events, it will be hard to say goodbye. Go celebrate with them and us one last time. View event>

For the EDM lovers, the Sharpsphere Music Festival at Theatre Plaza will supply you with plenty of it. Regoton and others will be on deck. View event>

Check out Regoton's track below;

Saturday, May 31st

Hopefully, the Habs will win the game tonight and there will be a game 7. Watch it! Hopefully, they win that one too and I hope I'm not cursing them with this.

Hip Hop Head? Check out the Cypher Brew at Hip Hop Café. Lyrics, flows, bars and coffee will be on the menu. View event>

Some of Montreal's north shore producers will be in the city for a night of good beats. Check out The North Virus & Rami.B at B1 Bar. View event>

Salsa? You have to see Willie Colon at Centre Congress et Banquet Renaissance. If you know a tiny bit about salsa, you know Willie Colon is a legend and that nobody plays the trumpet like him. You do not want to miss his show, it might be the last time you get to see him perform live. View event>

Press play below and even if you're at work, will you dare to get your salsa on. Not literally!

Sunday, June 1st

Do we really need to tell you that it will go down at Piknic Électronik at Parc Jean Drapeau? It's the MUTEK edition. Just in case you were wondering, it will be awesome! View event>

For a special and intriguing event, you want to attend Saboteur Production's Dear Armen at the Secret Location. It's an audience immersive theatre experience inspired by the life of Armen Ohanian; an enigmatic Armenian performer and poet who survived early 20th-century anti-Armenian pogroms. The location will be unveiled the day of. View event>

To end the day, and you still want to drink and party, Tokyo Bar Sundays is the place to go. View event>

Montreal, what's it gonna be?!

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