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The Montreal Week-Ender: May 8th – May 10th

Summer is coming but meanwhile...
The Montreal Week-Ender: May 8th – May 10th

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Summer is right around the corner and we are all really impatient. It's coming soon and we have a bunch of fun things for you to do as you get ready for the hot season. With the habs games and interesting events happening all around the city, Montreal's summer light is starting to shine and this should excite you more than anything. With so many events and festivals yet to start, here's what's hot in the city this week end;

Thursday, May 8th

There’s the press conference for the Unveiling of the 2014 International MURAL Festival Program at Cinemas Excentris. Celebrating creativity by local artists or artist from from abroad, The 2014 International MURAL Festival is about to retransform our beloved Saint-Laurent boulevard. Go and see what they have in store for us this year. View event>

Check out a preview of last year's International MURAL Festival;

Obviously, you cannot miss the hockey game so why not watch it before getting your swing on? It'll be a Swing & Hockey night as the game will be showcased in the second room and The Lost Finger & Sweet Life Society will perform in the main room of Le Belmont, after the game. So if the Habs win, stay and celebrate. If they lose, swing the pain away! GO HABS GO! View event>

It’s already the 9th edition of MELT at Blizzarts, Come dance with us to some beats by local producers/dj’s like Noo-Bap, Nick Wisdom and more. View event>

Students + party equals one thing. Out of school student + party equals another. If you are looking for a crazy party night, the CASA JSMB Get Leid - End of Semester Party at Terasses Bonsecours is definitely the place to be. School is over, go loco! View event>

Friday, May 9th

These three great artists; Sweater Beats + Falcons + POMO will be at Cabaret Underworld and they will tear it down! Not literally, but you know what we mean! View event>

Maas & Mayssam – Crossing Wires Tour

Have you been to the new Russian Nightclub in the Old Port? If you haven't this is a great opportunity to do so! Amazing deco, deep house/electro music and beautiful people. View event>

You know those 90’s jams by your favourite groups that you still and forever will listen to? Those will all be played at the Chocolate Jungle Party at the Belmont. Last edition of this was incredible and this will be the BUST A MOVE edition so it should be even crazier. You should be excited as we are about this. View event>

Of course, FUNKtastique Friday at La porte Rouge can never be missed. This is the place to be to drink and dance and forget about everything else. View event>

There will be a bunch of things going on at RAW Moments 3 at Club Peopl. With some visuals and video by Jhota Gomez and Anthony William, respectively, we will be celebrating Jay London’s birthday. So go and dance to his and Paolo Rocco’s music. View event>

Yup! The Lox will perform at Arena tomorrow, and you basically don’t want to miss it. So go and support the New York trio and show them how we party in the five-one-four! View event>

Check out their track below;

Saturday, May 10th

Want a Glow Job at Arena? Not a Bl…. Job! You know you read wrong. Ha! Go get wild and rowdy at this colourful party. Make sure to wear some clothes you don’t really care for because it’ll be soaked in colors! View event>

Getting in the summer spirit, there will be an Indoor Beach Volleyball Tournament at Club Montréal Sport & Social. There’ll be music by DJ Oz and some cash and other prizes for the winners. Whether you’re participating or not, this should motivate you to be and stay in shape for the summer. May the best team win! View event>

Hey, do you want some electro? You have to hit up the Private Bass Montreal Electro Show at Espace de Arts. With music by I/O-FI, the duo Dure Nuit and DJ David Torez, it is guaranteed you will dance all night! View event>

For the Hip Hop Heads, all the way from Vancouver, the Swollen Members + Madchild and Slaine will be at Cabaret Underworld performing their best tracks, including “Night Vision”. Go and vibe with them for a good Canadian underground hip hop night! View event>

Check out their track below;

So Montreal, where will you be at?!

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