The Montreal Week-Ender: November 13th - November 16th

It's the week end, go out and party!
The Montreal Week-Ender: November 13th - November 16th

Photo cred - Bianca DesJardins

Alright Montreal, your favorite time has finally arrived; The Weekend!!! We know it is getting cold but don't let that discourage you. You should go out and keep each other warm, instead! We, as usual, have gathered everything you need to know and where you want to go this week end, here it is;

Thursday, November 13th

Campo Viejo's first Colors of Spain at Huis Clos event is going down. This is for all the wine lovers! View event>

Prime Mate's Launch Party at Nomad Nation will be delightful. If you're a foodie, you don't want to miss this. View event>

If you like to party while contributing to a good cause go party with Bryan Shipley With Stonehouse at Penthouse. This event is organized by charity organizations. View event>

The Full Moon Party at Club LaBoom is guaranteed to be a night of absolute fun. Maybe someones inner wolf will come out so be careful! View event>

For the hip hop heads, there's Mobb Deep live at the Olympia.. You might not want to miss it! View event>

Friday, November 14th

Tokyo's Flex Fridays is for you people who love to party and can't stop. The Goontribe makes sure of that for you! View event>

Who wants to party with Nurses? Nurses take over NESTA will be one heck of a party and you want to be there! View event>

A glow party can never go wrong and this one will Glow Your Mind at Cabaret Underworld! View event>

Photo cred - Alexandra Zaccardo

Ryan Hemsworth will turn it up at Le Belmont. We can already tell you this will be a dope night of electro music you would love to be at! View event>

Saturday, November 15th

LES BEATS at BBAM! Gallery will be off the hook, we can tell you that. This monthly daytime event is different than what you are used to and it showcases all types of music so there's a bit of everything for everyone. View event>

Photo cred - Sean Vadaru

BLVD44 Saturdays is where the party is at on Saturdays! Seriously, you have to go at least once. View event>

Htmlles 11 Closing Party at La Vitrola will feauture Juliana Huxtable and will be lots and lots of fun! View event>

Do you miss the Olympic Games? Well, we don't have the Olympic Games for you, but we got the Beer Olympics at Bassment. Go and show off how you can handle beer! View event>

Sunday, November 16th

For a relax Sunday, you can go to One Dollar Oyster Night at Pub Sir Joseph. Who doesn't love oysters? View event>

Country singer, Sarah McLachlan will be performing at Theatre Saint-Denis. Be sure to witness a great performance. View event>

Tokyo Bar Sundays is where the fun is at. It's perfect to dance all night and forget about tomorrow. View event>

So MTL, where will you party AT?

Don't miss out on all the amazing events Montreal has to offer!

Didn't mention your event? Let Marialys know via Twitter @MarialysDiaz

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