The Montreal Week-Ender: November 27th - November 30th

Go party, it's the week end!
The Montreal Week-Ender: November 27th - November 30th

Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain

Guess who's back, Montreal?!? The week end is back and that can only mean one thing; it's time to party! Don't let the cold weather get to you because it is not going anywhere. Go out and celebrate, it's the only thing you can do! We gathered all the fun stuff for you to do. Check it out!

Thursday, November 27th

Check out Souk @ SAT. This is where Montreal's contemporary creators get together for a huge pop-up shop type of event. View event>

Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain

Of course, you can't miss out on MELT at Blizzarts. This is the Thursday place to be. MELT MTL is really nice on the beats too! View event>

If you are a Tokyo Police Club fan, they will be at the Corona Theatre tonight. There are still tickets left, check it out! View event>

Friday, November 28th

If you want to start the night on a different note than usual, the Mythbusters are going to be at Place Des Arts, Go check out what crazy stuff they try to demystify. View event>

Tokyo's Flex Fridays is where the party is at! Super fun for university students as a lot of them gather here on Fridays. View event>

Red red wine? Go and check out La Fête Des Vins at Marché Bonsecours, if wine is your thing you cannot live without! View event>

Club Peopl is celebrating their second year anniversary and they are doing it BIG! The entire week is dedicated to it and this should be another sick night of celebration. View event>

For those of you who love to get rowdy! Get Nice at Blizzarts, is where you want to go, trust us! View event>

Saturday, November 29th

You love bikes and your friends do too? There is a Customer Appreciation Sale happening at Allo Velo Boutique. Right on time for christmas! View event>

Baron Samedi is one of the the coolest bars in the city. It stands out with their crazy voodoo-ish decor and you will be assured to have a great time there. View event>

Club Peopl continue their two year anniversary celebration. It will be nice, don't miss out! View event>

Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain

Are you a vodka and russian culture lover? Perfect! Go to the Hot Russian Party at Ernie and Ellie's Restaurant. Dasvidaniya! View event>

Remember that super catchy song, Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino? Well, he will be at Le Cinq and the party should bring back lots of memories! View event>

Sunday, November 30th

The perfect night to have a drink and enjoy a live performance it's at Honey Martin for Jazz & Dilla night! View event>

If what you want on a Sunday night is food, drinks and good music MELT X SUWU is where you should be going! View event>

And then well, if you have to drop it like it's hot, Tokyo Sunday is just right for you. The Goontribe will confirm my point when you hear the old school jams they'll drop on you! View event>

Don't miss out on all the amazing events Montreal has to offer!

Didn't mention your event? Let me know via Twitter @MarialysDiaz

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